To grin or not to grin

And there out to the distant West
Gold fades across the sea
As twilight swiftly passes
and the night time comes to me

Shingle crunches ‘neath my feet
Here on Shoreham Beach
So grateful that I live so close
and it’s in easy reach

So I pause there for a moment
to take this glory in
and ask myself the question
‘To grin or not to grin?’


Finding Rhyme

Every once in every while
as I write I find a smile
It has a lot to do with style
and sometimes just a little guile
So as I write I find that I’ll
find words which rhyme which I’ll compile
All to combine to my profile

Some words are formal some freestyle
But all of which when read erstwhile
serve to please and reconcile
So please don’t think that I’m puerile
or even somewhat juvenile
But think instead that it’s worthwhile
to bring a grin and make you smile


Summer in a tin

Streaming through the window
sunshine fills the place
Feet up on coffee table
warmth upon my face

It’s freezing cold outside
but warm and cozy here
It’s what I need on days like this
to keep me in good cheer

It’s like I have been painted
with summer from a tin
To keep me topped up through the winter
and retain my sunshine grin


Secret grin

Golden rays from the sun on a towerblock landscape
The city rests from the day
And suit-clad workers on the train rattle by
The twenty-past eight on its way

The tannoys are quiet now, the sirens at rest
A brittle peace settles in
But there, in the silence of commuter unrest
A man sits alone with his grin

He’s known all the pressures, known all the gripes
He’s seen them all come and all go
But he’s outlived them all and now he is he here
The only one in the know

For the grin hides a secret that’s hidden quite well
Yet it’s there for any who dare
Spare a moment from their time-driven closeted worlds
To see what’s really out there

For now though the man with the grin settles down
And for the moment I fear he’s alone
Except maybe for the lady several carriages down
Who’s captured the sunset by phone.


The Brighter Side

The brighter side is always
The better place to see
Whatever life may throw at us
And wherever we may be
There may be situations
We would rather not be in
But there’s usually something good to find
To bring a smile or grin
Learning from the Pythons
Helps to lessen stress and strife
Humming inwardly and looking
On the brighter side of life


Summer grin

Summertime in sunglasses

The sun comes from within

‘Cos, deep behind the darkness

Is my special summer grin


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