I have a little greenhouse
in a lovely sunny spot
It’s covered in green plastic
and inside it’s pretty hot

At present I am growing
several things from seed
Some courgettes and some lettuce
and some parsnips that we need

And when they all have grown a bit
I’ll probably plant them out
On our allotment up the road
then watch them really sprout



Allotment IV (aka ‘A certain pleasure)

There is a certain pleasure
at the end of a long day
to pop to the allotment
and have a little play

I might do some watering
or strim the grass a bit
or do a little weeding
or in the sunshine, sit

But I’ll always take a photo
‘Cos it’s great to see stuff grow
And it gives a certain pleasure
‘Cos we’re proud of it, you know



Growing up

We once had an allotment
where we grew loads of stuff
But it was very overgrown
so the going there was tough
And when you’ve four young children
who all are growing fast
you sort of know that things like this
are never going to last

So we gave up on the planting
and decided that instead
We’d get a beach hut on the beach
with a comfortable sunbed
The children they all loved it
and spent many hours by the sea
with their buckets and their spades
Whilst we all sipped hot tea

Now several long years later
The allotment is long gone
But we still have our little beach hut
Fondly known as ‘one-oh-one’
And soon we will be down there
soaking up the rays
And the children though now all grown up
will join us there some days

Through change we’ll say goodbye to
certain things along the way
whilst others are a constant
and through our growing always stay
Hut ‘one-oh-one’ is one such thing
to have and love and hold
For children and grandchildren
and us as we grow old



Green grass
freshly mown
breathe deep
smell the loam

Green shoots
on the trees
sprouting now
into leaves

Green fronds
nature tells
there will be sun
and then bluebells

Green April
leaps to spring
giving life
to everything


A-Z April – day 7 – G


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