Tri-haiku XXXII – Time’s passage

The last of the month
where has February gone?
already it’s March

But no complaints here
for summer’s ever closer
Warmer daytime soon

Coupled with new growth
Springtime around the corner
with grass now greener


Photo – Jempics

Tri-haiku XXXI (Daffodil Laughter)

A vibrant greeting
bursting in Springtime yellow
sunshine to my day

A splash of colour
to the monotone palette
of winter greyness

Daffodil laughter
brightens up most any day
Truly infectious


Photo – Jempics

A haiku for Sunday

Quality of life
seized in every moment of
this Sunday of rest


Picture – ‘Half Moon Bridge’ by Yoshida Toshi (1940)

Tri-haiku XI (winter blue returns)

8 of 10 in ‘The winter series’ from Jemverse

I am winter blue
Born to December, I chill
to iron cold bone

I am winter blue
To brittle January
icy fingers spread

I am winter blue
But with yellow I will change
to the green of Spring


Photo – Jempics

[I first published ‘Tri-Haiku XI (Winter Blue)‘ via Jemverse on 10 December 2018]

Tri-haiku XXX (lucidity)

Haiku for Friday
as here in reflection I
position my muse

Of course there are words
The one constant in my gift
for mystery here

And yet for readers
moments of lucidity
with clarity here


Photo – Jempics

Old and new (haiku)

Through the grandiose
a glimpse of today’s Brighton
History merges


Photo – Jempics

Brighton pastel (haiku)

Reflecting Brighton
bathed in pastel colour here
December sunset


Photo – Jempics

Swans (haiku)

Swans on Widewater
nestled behind the beach
here on Sussex coast


Photo – Jempics

[The ‘Widewater’ lagoon running along the Brighton Road between Lancing and Shoreham in West Sussex, UK is a brackish strip of tidal water. Sandwiched between the road and the sea and protected by a man-made shingle bank on the seaward side, it’s about a mile long and a haven for birds].

Tri-haiku XXIX (Fireworks)

Bright against the sky
Bangs and sparkles, cries of joy
Fireworks in the night

Muted though this year
as no supermarkets sell
them to public now

Yet still we find ways
to recall Gunpowder Plot
for our child-like joy


Photo – Jempics

Six poetics #3 (Haiku)

3 in a series of 6

As midweek arrives
three of six poetics with
a ‘haiku’ today


Haiku is a traditional non-rhyming Japanese poetic form comprising 17 syllables in a three line sequence of 5-7-5

Photo – ‘Half Moon Bridge’ (1940) by Yoshida Toshi (1911-1995



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