Tri-haiku XXXIX (vibrant)

Vibrant this colour
at this golden time of year
when greenery fades

And the sunset comes
The years' full swansong sings loud
with echos to gold

Leaving me speechless
Silenced by this golden awe
at the curtain call


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Rhythm II (reprise)

6 of 10 in the Jemverse series ‘Music II’

As the music fades
with the rhythm of my drum
I am still dancing


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[‘Rhythm II‘ was first posted to Jemverse in June 2015]

Haiku for Tuesday rain

3 of 7 in ‘The Syllabic series 22’ from Jemverse

There is sun today
or at very least promise
amidst the grey cloud


[Haiku is a non-rhyming Japanese poetic form with a syllabic sequence of 5 – 7 – 5]

Tri-Haiku XXXVIII (Friday)

And so to Friday
for a switch-off come lunchtime
into the weekend

And breathe deep, relax
soak up the fact that this is
deliciously mine

And so it will be
to use wisely and enjoy
pending the new week



Best Thursday Haiku

And here for Thursday
three lines to herald a day
and wish it the best


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Tri-haiku XXXVII (Essence)

Yesterday it rained
quite persistently throughout
so inside we stayed

Today though it's dry
and the birds are singing sweet
songs about the day

So outside we'll go
to breathe in the world around
and feel its essence


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7 of 7 in the ‘Seven Haikus 22 series’ from Jemverse

There's something about
writing a haiku each day
that always inspires


Image – International Reading Association


6 of 7 in the ‘Seven Haikus 22 series’ from Jemverse

Life moves ever on
Moments captured and cherished
Forging memories


Photo – Jempics


5 of 7 in the ‘Seven Haikus 22 series’ from Jemverse

Clever use of words
in three lines of verse
Just enough sometimes



4 of 7 in the ‘Seven Haikus 22 series’ from Jemverse

I'll write a haiku
most days to capture what life
shows me of itself


Image – Rev. T Huffman

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