Looking out 'cross windswept beaches
though this one's far from home
a familiar feeling warms me
from all the views I've known
For here I'm in my element
close to the sea, my heart
a synergy that's part of me
and has been from the start


Photo – the beach at Camber Sands, East Sussex, looking West – Jempics

Back to the loop

It was back to the loop
with a whim and a way
as the sun was quite warm
on this late April day
and I was on leave
and the hills were all green
and the chalk of the trail
is the best I have seen
so I put best foot forward
with this walk 'cos it's there
reacquainting myself
with this pleasure to share


Photo – The South Downs looking west from Mill Hill, West Sussex (start of Jem’s 6-mile loop) – Jempics

Lost and found II

Hidden in small corner
I found something I'd lost
saved me there the hardship
of counting up a cost
for it was something precious
I hold dear to my heart
and which when separated
felt at loss when there apart
So now it's found I'm happy
reunited once again
continuity rekindled
as together we remain


Photo – Jempics

Abundance II

Something different every time
in this familiar place
visited most weekends
as it's our saving grace
Obi gets his running time
as we follow, slower gait
and every time throughout the year
new pleasures there await
Something different every time
some small, some larger still
await us when we visit
our abundance to refill


Photo – Jempics

Sorting through the years

Our house in turmoil this weekend
as boxes from the eaves
were sorted through by offspring
for memories that time leaves
Precious things forgotten
rekindled smiles and joy
a purpose served, remembered
by three girls and a boy

All adults now but children still
to us in evening years
this weekend of spring cleaning
so full of warming cheers
And each of us enriched by this
affirming that we here
can seize the day for joie de vivre
with happiness quite clear


Photo – Emily Rose Croucher

Wolfgang and I

The Wolf and I we went for a walk
down by the river and more
and he wagged his tail and pricked up his ears
at most everything that he saw
We walked down the towpath and looked at the planes
in the airport nearby
and as we walked home his tail wagged again
as some of them took to the sky
Later on, on the sofa, we both settled down
as upside down, legs a-kimbo he lay
and I watched a movie and tickled his ears
with thanks for this lovely day


Photo – Wolfgang and I – Jempics

Wolfgang is my middle daughter and her partners’ Patterdale Terrier.

Visiting my used to be

Once in a while those halcyon days
with an echo call out from the years
and with whimsy in hand I'll visit those days
of my formative smiles and my tears
I'll see in mind's eye with clarity there
the memories of what was once me
and though I still am and proud of the fact
it's nice to see my used to be


Photo – Me & Mrs C punting at Oxford, UK – circa 1979

Youth rekindled

Something I have longed for 
since nineteen seventy-seven
arrived on Christmas morning
with a little slice of heaven

My own Millennium Falcon
and an AT-AT for good measure
which after careful building
I can keep and always treasure

A present from my children
(there were tears and that's the truth)
some moments of emotion
to rekindle here my youth


Photo – Jempics

Christmas Eve

5 of 5 in the Jemverse series ‘The week before Christmas’

Christmas Eve Friday is here at long last
let the japes and the cheer now begin
for this family together
as it has now forever
is bursting with laughter and grin

For this is our happiness and nothing less
cathartic and wondrous and free
all six here as one
for plenty of fun
to share with this great family


Photo – Jempics

The joy of seven tree field

In seven tree field Santa's sleigh had arrived
and Obi sniffed inquisitively
We paused for a snap
with the little chap
before he ran off for a wee

In seven tree field December has come
but it's still not really that cold
The trees are now bare
but none of us care
for they've left the grass covered in gold

In seven tree field where we come every week
the joy this place brings just exudes
So as Obi runs round
on this familiar ground
Not to come would be rather rude


Photo – Jem & Obi at ‘Houndie House’ in Seven Tree Field – Sally Croucher

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