Part 4 of 6 in the Jemverse ‘At Home’ series

At home is where I’ll always
feel contentment with some pride
For this is where the heart is
as the saying goes, implied
And there’s truth behind those simple words
Far more than I can say
The pleasure that I feel right there
when I have been away



The sea and me

I am driftwood on a turning tide
caressed by the hand of the sea
As lovingly it shapes and moulds
and brings the ocean’s heart to me

We are captured in this moment
and as driftwood on the shore
we are kindred spirits, joined as one
How could I ask for more?


Coming home

Returning home from travel
never fails to warm my heart
For it always aches a little bit
whenever we’re apart
It a lot about the ocean’s smell
and the freshness of the air
Something that I always miss
whenever I’m not there

The feel of Sussex chalky soil
Underneath my feet
whisks away my tiredness
and I am again complete
Invariably a seagull’s call
is the first sound that I hear
Welcomes me back home again
and fills my heart with cheer


Something in mind

Had in mind to buy a present
But although I shopped around
My heart just wasn’t in it
And nothing suitable was found

Had in mind to pick a flower
But though plenty there to see
My heart couldn’t find a colour
And none appealed that much to me

Had in mind to sing a love song
But although my voice was strong
My heart just didn’t want to play
And no-one sang along

Had in mind to write a poem
And, as you see, that worked out fine
For my heart is always there and
finds the right words every time


Ocean Heart

I have a heart for the ocean
(No pun intended
no reference to movies
or films here extended)

It’s something that’s rooted
Deep in my being
Helped every day by the
views I am seeing

I live by the coast so
it’s kind of expected
A taciturn love affair
often neglected

The sea, quite majestic
throughout the year
A privilege I have by
living down here

It’s a friend I have had
from an early start
The ocean is part of me
and deep in my heart


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