Melting Days

The mercury climbed to forty
for the hottest we had seen
records broken everywhere
from what they once had been
and everybody moaned
as no infrastructure here
to cope with extreme weather
when the high is in the clear
Ice-cream sales and paddling pools
brought respite here to some
but most of us just melted
in this gorgeous summer sun


Photo – Jempics


And the sun shone

And for a while the heat was quite intense
as the sun shone down from the sky
there was barely a breeze
to be felt on our knees
though the cloud to the east wasn't shy

As after a while it covered the blue
and brought welcome patters of rain
cooled us all down
as it wetted the ground
before the sun shone once again


Photo – Jempics

Heatwave III

The weatherman tells me a heatwave is here
for much warmer days so outside with a beer
I think I will sit for the first time this year
as it's something I need to replenish the cheer
And the sunshine will warm me as each day dawns clear
and blue skies not grey above me appear
and the blues of the winter swiftly disappear
replaced by the warmth summer's child to endear


Photo – Jempics


It's been one of those sultry days
that summer sometimes brings
when the sunshine burns intensely
with heat haze shimmerings
and though it's now past five o'clock
there's little respite here
so I feel quite contented
to pour a nice cold beer
And with mock-orange fragrance
heady in the air
sit here a little longer
the evening sun to share

By and by the shadows
of our north-facing garden
will hide the sun as to the West
it sets to beg a pardon
but I'll not fret and raise a glass
as tomorrow it's forecast
for lots more glorious weather
as this heatwave's set to last


Photo – Jempics

Living in shorts

So I sat in the garden
and it felt very hot
which sat well with me
as, content with my lot
I am best in the sunshine
and the summer sun
living in shorts ’til
the cooler times come

And truthfully if it
was always like this
I’d be in my element
living in bliss
Yes, the rain when it comes
is welcome at night
but the days they are best
with no clouds in sight

And if temperatures stayed
in the thirties all year
I know that I would
be happy right here
I’d live life in shorts
throw long trousers away
for it would be summer
most every day

So keep shining sunshine
high temperatures stay
keep this man happy
on each summer day
For I’m not one for Autumn
or Winter or Spring
but a child of Summer
in sunshine to sing


Photo – Jempics 

The Circle III

The Circle, a walk
the morning quite warm
and three of us here for a change
showing others the view
made it all seem like new
though the route I did not rearrange

The ambient warmth
gave an inkling of what
the heat would be like later on
but this morning the breeze
was cool round our knees
as the sunshine above us it shone

And two hours later
we paused for a drink
the circular six miles complete
refreshing the rest
from a walk that’s the best
despite going out in the heat


Photo – Bezza Croucher

An ode to Summer

3 of 4

Momentum carries me forward
into the heat of the day
for a warmth that summer belongs to
with feeling mere words cannot say
It’s the season I always long for
Its comfort a tangible thing
Its presence to hold and cling onto
for a smile and a reason to sing


Photo – Jempics

Too hot for the beach

It’s too hot for the beach I think
so in the garden I will stay
relaxing in the sunshine
on this August Saturday

It’s closing in on ninety
and though cooler by the sea
the thought of walking down there
is a bit too much for me

So I’ll sit here in the sunshine
with ice lollies close at hand
and see more of this summer
which has turned out so grand


Ever present

The sun has shone for several weeks
and England’s seen no raining
But I’ve been on the beach most days
so you’ll not hear me complaining

A child of summer, this for me
is perfect beyond measure
Blue skies every day and warmth
revealing summers’ treasure

May to June and then July
absent precipitation
Changing colours, grass and more
across the Southern nation

The beach hut’s open every day
more rays there to capture
Watching as the sun goes down
for sunset’s daily rapture

And though the breeze is cool sometimes
With colours effervescent
up in the blue with fortitude
the sun is ever present


Filling Summer’s boots

And, as they promised, sunshine
burned in the sky today
A cloudless blue spread overhead
with warmth akin to May

Yet it is still mid-April
several more months still
for warmth to build to sultry heat
and summer’s boots to fill

It lifts the spirit, days like these
mere words cannot portray
the pleasure that a warm day brings
in every single way


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