I was only away for just over a week
But that’s enough to get used to the heat
And enough now I’m home to feel at a loss
And that somehow things aren’t quite complete
It was tangible there, like something you touched
and present by day and at night
But back home in England, there’s a chill in the air
even though the sunshine’s still bright

Part of me thinks I could live with a summer
that in essence is with me all year
But I know I’d miss Sussex, the place I call home
as I really do love living here
Yes, tangible heat all year round would be great
But of course there’s always a price
For there’s nothing to better the green I have here
In Sussex, my home, which is nice



One of those days

It’s been one of those days
when the lingering heat
makes everyone glisten
from heads to their feet
And there’s nothing to do
when the weather’s like this
Though I know that for many
it borders on bliss

But I’m not complaining
(don’t get me wrong here)
As one can always cool down
with a really cold beer



Summer in a day


Blazing the heat as though it were Greece
the sunshine on Sussex today
But a breeze from the sea kept the temperature down
torridity there to allay

The beach like a magnet attracted the throngs
To its shoreline they came in their droves
And pale English bodies grew pinker as they
got down there and shed all their clothes

There wasn’t a cloud to be seen in the sky
it was blue from dawn through to dusk
the air full of warmth as the nighttime approached
with a heady fragrance of musk

And all of this summer seen here in a day
allows each one of us to forget
that this time last week we were still in our coats
when it was miserable, chilly and wet


Hot II

It’s rather hot
again today
upper thirties
(so some say)
Doesn’t really
bother me
as I’ll be swimming
in the sea
I love it when
it’s hot like this
as this to me
is perfect bliss
I am within
my element
when long days in
the sun are spent
Hot and humid
suits me fine
as I love it in
the bright sunshine



Fabulous day
sun shining bright
Clear blue skies
no cloud in sight
Cooling breeze
born of the sea
Sussex today is
the place to be
Temperature rising
heat haze there
Sandals on feet
arms are bare
The river is blue
The fields are green
Best day so far
this year I’ve seen


Hello sunshine

Hello sunshine, you are welcome
on this lovely summer’s day
It’s yellow and though still early
you’re already out to play
I decided to wear sandals
in honour of your heat
It seemed like the right thing to do
and feels lovely for my feet

I have a grin behind my sunglasses
from this child of June
and as I head off to my office
hum a happy little tune
Sunshine, you’re my friend today
as in summer you’re sublime
You bring good cheer to I do
and do this every time

And if you stay ’til evening
I will make the best of you
watching as you settle
‘neath a sky of azure blue
I might even stay when you are gone
with a pergola and flame
Waiting up until the morning
when you return to me again



Twenty-five in September?
Doesn’t bother me
Chance to get the kayak out
Go paddling in the sea
Keep the summer going
No disagreement there
Keep at bay the threat
Of winter coats to wear
Twenty-five in September?
Bring it on I say
For, as a child of summer
It betters winter any day


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