Leonard Cohen – tanka

Leonard Cohen plays
his music to the angels
in the small hours now
Melancholy fades away
as Leonard now rests in peace


Day 6 of 7 in the Jemverse ‘Five Lines’ event – a tanka a day for 7 days.

A tanka is a five-line non-rhyming poem of Japanese origin dating back almost 1200 years. Using simile, metaphor and personification, the five lines must follow a syllabic sequence of 5, 7, 5, 7, 7.

Rare moments

Capturing rare moments
bring a soliloquy
even if I’m by myself
‘tho most would still agree
For there’s substance in these words
which rings true with everyone
The joy of finding heaven
is a thing which must be done
And when happenstance you find it
you must always write it down
As these moments serve to bring a smile
to quell a forming frown


Lavender Nirvana

Found my lavender nirvana
down near Chichester today
A field of purple flowers
gave me heaven by the way
With intoxicating fragrance
and the sound of honey bees
There were tears of joy at just the sight
As I fell down to my knees

Brushed my fingers through the flowers
Walked between the rows
A hundred-thousand bushes
of French lavender there grows
Found my lavender nirvana
in this almost perfect place
A little slice of heaven matched
by the smile upon my face



And Lavender…

One would think that for my birthday
something yellow would appear
Yet though that’s my favourite colour
Something else gives better cheer
You’ve guessed right, for it is lavender
my favourite by far
Of all the plants and flowers
for it is spectacular
Its fragrance is pure heaven
with the power to heal and lift
And each year upon my birthday
I could seek no better gift



Spend an evening in my garden
and I can guarantee you this
You’ll never want to leave again
for the fragrance here is bliss

The Jasmine flowering with the sun
fills the air with heaven
and overpowers your senses
at any time past seven

It really is quite wonderful
this pleasure in the air
Just standing still and breathing in
you’re captivated there.


Glimpse of heaven

If I could capture just a little piece
of heaven in a verse
then, by the sunset here last night
I could not, I think, do worse
For, spilling out behind the hills
a golden waterfall of light
which flowed out across the water
to make a truly awesome sight

My words could not do justice
to Nature’s swan song on the rise
so I stood there, insignificant
with tears behind my eyes
The liquid gold on Nature’s canvas
with the ebb tide flowed away
and I caught a glimpse of heaven
at the end of this fine day


Heaven is…(haiku)

Heaven is a warm
afternoon in April sun
leaving work behind


[A-Z April – day 8 – #H]

Toast – haiku

Heaven – likened to
Hot buttered toast following
Fasting day diets


Fasting day diets’ are part of a diet called the ‘Two Five’ diet. It’s a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned. You pick two days of a week (any two) and restrict your calorific intake to 600 for a man; 500 for a woman on those two days. But for the other five, there’s no limit – you can eat what you want. And it works! Last year I lost over a stone in just six weeks.

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