Simple II

I don’t ask for much in life
I’m quite a simple chap
Just music and some lavender
will content me, that’s a fact
So enforcing isolation
when we all must stay at home
doesn’t really bother me
and I’ll not gripe and moan

I’ve books that I can read again
and pens and lots of paper
for recording this adventure
with words about the caper
I’ve music I’ve not listened to
for quite a long time now
Forgotten on the shelf right there
and overlooked somehow

So these things I will rejuvenate
and enjoy them all once more
as whilst things remain uncertain
no-one knows what lies in store
We may find we will need to stay
at home for quite some time
But with all these pleasures waiting
that is absolutely fine


Photo – Jempics

[Written at the end of March 2020 when, in an attempt to curtail the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, UK citizens had been asked to stay at home, ‘social distance’ themselves and not go out unless absolutely needed].

Lazy eye snuggle

A black nose nestled
in the crook of my arm
contented and dozing as we
sat late into an evening there
my soulmate Sally and me

A lazy eye gazed
before closing confirmed
with a full of contentment deep sigh
that home was where he was right now
with my soulmate Sally and I


Photo – Obi Wan Kinobi, aged 5 – Jempics


3 of 3 in the ‘Day’ series from Jemverse

Today I will probably work for a while
I’ll start about eight I would think
But first I’ll sit here and look at the world
as I’ve still some more coffee to drink

It’s raining today and the sky is all grey
yet still with hardly a breeze
But from the way that people are dressed up out there
I’ll not venture out lest I freeze

Today I will probably stay warm indoors
I’ll listen to music and smile
cosy and snuggled and comfy and home
where I’m happy to stay for a while


Photo – Jempics


Kallax from Ikea
gave my music a new home
quite the best arrangement
for my records I have known
as now around eye level
I can see their spines anew
and find what I am looking for
now they’re on full view
New pleasure from the listening
to that lovely vinyl sound
with the Kallax from Ikea
new arrangement I have found


Photo – Jempics

Rest Days

Sometimes days just don’t quite begin
and befuddled it’s usually best
to hand in the towel and lay down the pen
put one’s feet up and have a good rest


Photo – Jempics

Easy Reach

I found a stone and threw it
far out into the sea
watched it splash and disappear
here quite contentedly
For this haven is my solace
and fortunate am I
to have a beach to come to
not far from home, close by

I traced an outline with my foot
upon the wetted sand
A shape turned into letters
written large and freely and
as the seventh waves’ momentum
smoothed my canvas on the beach
I breathed a prayer of thank yous
that I live in easy reach


Photo – Jempics

As a seagull again

7 of 7 in the Jemverse series ‘Shoreham again’

As a seagull I flew inland from the sea
Up in a yellow-tinged sky
Looking down with the freedom I commanded in flight
as I swooped and I soared up on high

I watched as the river meandered below
Through the town I am proud to call home
with its cluster of houses gathered close to the sea
over routes I have so often flown

And as I flew I gave voice as we seagulls do
shouting out to the winds a loud cheer
close to the ocean in Shoreham-by-Sea
“I am really so pleased that I’m here”


Photo – Shoreham at low tide by W Standen

Jemverse first posted “As a seagull” on 9 March 2016

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