To Emmaus for a rummaging
in the bric-a-brac arcade
and later for an omelette
quickly for us made
We found a jug for flowers
but nothing else today
just nice to come and have a browse
upon a Saturday

Pondered for a moment
looking at the ruins here
of what was once a priory
back in yesteryear
And then we headed homeward
for a nice hot cup of tea
The new jug proudly on the shelf
for everyone to see


Photo – Priory ruins, Emmaus, Old Portslade, Sussex, Uk – Jempics

Emmaus Communities enable people to move on from homelessness, providing work and a home in a supportive, family environment. Companions, as residents are known, work full time collecting and reselling donated furniture. This work supports the Community financially and enables residents to develop skills, rebuild their self-respect and help others in greater need. The Old Portslade Emmaus community has 53 resident companions and runs a second-hand bric-a-brac, furniture and clothes store along with an award-winning cafe.

The sunshine promise

I lived a little broken
like an old grey bag of bones
and despite the life around me
felt a long, long way from home
Abandoned to no purpose
each day was like the rest
and although the sun gave promise
it felt like second best

But then a spark ignited
and a new fire took a hold
Inspiring and uplifting it
removed me from the cold
Brought me back into the warmth
when the sun is always new
and never second rated
with each new sunbeam view

Reminded me I’m special
as we each are, every one
even though from time to time
we all have days of glum
For the sunshine is a constant
with a sparkle every day
mending all the broken thing
in every single way

So even when I’m broken
like an old grey bag of bones
the sunshine is reminder
that I’m never on my own
As it is a shining beacon
to full purpose and to zest
consistently with promise
to in each of us invest


Photo – Aptoide (via Google images)

Cobweb III

Whilst the year was still an infant
I looked up to the blue
when morning broke with sunshine
upon a year brand new
And the crystal strands of cobweb
caught right there in morning light
clarified that moment
for a truly lovely sight
Spoke to me of truth and hope
and of many joys to come
in this first year of the decade
which has only just begun


Photo – Jempics

Cobweb II

Whilst the year was still an infant
at the beginning of the year
a latticework of cobweb
I cam across out here
It was clearly now abandoned
yet retained a beauty there
so striking and so poignant
that I knew I had to share
For this is quite symbolic
the new from old begun
changing like the spider
and the many webs now spun


Photo – Jempics

Cobweb I

Whilst the year was still an infant
I spied a cobweb freshly spun
Reminded me of what was past
and what had just begun
Spoke to me of promise
and something fresh and new
The ‘gone before’ forgotten
with a dose of morning dew


Photo – Jempics

In times such as these

A long shaft of sunlight
peirced the gloom
and lit up an otherwise
darkly clad room
It spoke of a promise
born on a smile
with a voice full of hope
I’d not heard in a while

So I stood up and danced
round the room for a bit
Laughing and whooping
and quite full of it
For this rarest of moment
a gift to be seized
is precious and wholesome
in times such as these


Photo – Emily Rose Croucher

Tri-sedoka III (hope and promise)

In these early days
with hope and promise still fresh
from new year resolution
The light is still bright
as we raise an arm to shield
Squinting up into brightness

And long may they shine
Not to dim or break or fade
But stand up and be counted
prevailing and standing fast
to push back any darkness

Let this be the year
When the sun shines every day
Outwardly and inwardly
deep in every heart
to keep alive the promise
painted by hope’s bright picture


Photo – Jempics

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