Horse in the water

Horse on the beach
with his hooves in the water
Well, why not, I thought
in this weather he oughta
‘Cos if people can paddle
then why not a horse
No reason to think of
and just right of course

For it’s balmy and hot
though it’s six in the evening
so it’s nice to cool off
in this sea air we’re breathing
And the beach is for all
if you’ve two legs or four
And when the tide’s at an ebb
you could not ask for more


Photo – low tide at South Lancing Beach, June 2018 – Jempics

Suited and booted

I don’t know where they were going
all suited and booted and fine
But the pleasure of seeing them pass me by
was singularly mine
Seven o’clock in the morning
with London as quite as could be
A horse and carriage on Birdcage Walk
slowly passing by me

I watched as they reached the corner
and turned into Horse Guards Parade
the sound of the hooves on the tarmac
with the memory, starting to fade
And with regality epitomised
if only for a little while
The pomp and flair of yesteryear
certainly brought a smile


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