Lost to time passing

In a small corner I curl
turning pages, I am lost to imagination
oblivious to time passing
minutes meld to hours
And this time is mine
Absorbing words from far away minds
Caught in that beautiful moment
when words caress my soul
with a comfort wholly realised


Photo – PerfectLifeHack (via Google images)

Mind’s Eye Travelling

The thing is, when I’m sitting here
and outside it’s cold and raw
I don’t need to dress up warm
to find the places I adore
For travelling within Mind’s Eye
is a special thing
as it allows a freedom
only it can bring

I can travel into Summer
Tread the hills or low tide sand
Feel the sunshine warm upon my head
right across the land
I can travel to a sunrise
out there on sun-kissed seas
treading boards of cruising ships
with warming summer breeze

I am not confined to local
as no limit Mind’s Eye knows
For when I have a picture
to far off lands it goes
And the beauty of this is of course
(which here I’d like to share)
Is that I can do all of these things
whilst sitting in my chair


Photo – Jempics


In the clouds I see things
that only I see
shapes that form pictures
I want them to be
And then with my pen
I find words to record
the things that bring smiles
and with form bring accord


Photo – Jemverse instagram posting from 5 April – Jempics

Mind’s Eye Pictures II

What is it with words
that by cause or by guile
Serve day by day
to give reason to smile?

As it’s said that a picture
says more than a word
which often rings true
when emotion is stirred

So what if like here
there’s no picture to show?
What then for the reader
and how would they know?

It’s then that mind’s eye
with which readers see
what it is that the writer
would wish here to be

Something for emotion
that stirs in the soul
A happy though shared
to help make you whole


Finding your sublime

Yes, I know it’s winter out there
and it’s miserable and wet
But with your imagination
A little summer I can get
It’s really not that difficult
your mind’s eye is what you need
and a willingness to just let go
and listen as agreed
Close your eyes and see the scene
a meadow full of flowers
Bathed in golden sunlight
for hours and hours and hours
You’re wandering there, but by and by
you lie down beneath a tree
and simply watch the world go by
A fine picture, you’ll agree
And the beauty of this journey
is that you can go there any time
Just close your eyes and drift away
and find your own sublime


Slice of Life

A poet’s life is never dull
for there is always stuff around
to capture inspiration
and write a few words down
It might be quite innocuous
that others rarely see
But captured in some lines of verse
Provides a remedy

For me a rhyming couplet
usually works out fine
although finding words to fit
is sometimes taxing on the mind
But the satisfaction that it gives me
is worth the toil and strife
with the pleasure there of capturing
a little slice of life



Wasn’t really concentrating
But caught a movement there
at the corner of periphery vision
Almost unaware
I really might have missed it
and very nearly did
for I wasn’t really looking
as it snuck in there and hid

In fact, now I come to mention it
I’m not at all sure now
that there was really something there at all
and I’d imagined it somehow
Perhaps I was mistaken
I’m sure that’s now the case
another senior moment
now quite commonplace


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