Tri-sedoka IV (poetry in motion)

For inspiration
Eyes to see and pen to write
But mind to see suffices
For here are pictures
to capture with words now seen
for poetry in motion

To inspiration
A proverbial glass raised
‘Carpe Diem’, ‘Seize the day’
For here the pictures
are captured with words now seen
for poetry in motion

With inspiration
In revelry the poet
and every poem written
For here in pictures
captured with many words seen
is poetry in motion


Photo – Jempics

My window to the world

Sitting here in quiet
by my window to the world
I’m high enough too watch
things down below unfurled

It’s peaceful here, cathartic
so with pen my words they flow
and occasionally I’ll take a look
outside my world window

Sometimes there will be a car
more often someone walking
single or together though
it’s hard to hear the talking

I do hear sounds of traffic
and the birdsong on the line
from the telegraph across the way
to border on sublime

All this adds to inspiration
which I get from sitting here
by my window to the world with
the world song loud and clear


Photo – Jempics


Jemverse hiatus
for just over a week
but I’ll still be writing
and am as we speak

For there’s inspiration
in all that I see
so my pen it stays handy
and close by to me

The writing as always
is something I do
which after hiatus
I’ll share here with you


Photo- Jempics

About a book from Venice

Started last September
Eight months of poetry
My little book from Venice
has served me faithfully

But now alas I’m reaching
the last few pages here
A few more days of writing
before the end is near

That’s when this little book
I have carried every day
will join all of the others
in my study on display

And then I’ll have the pleasure
of starting up another
A book of poems filled
from the front to facing cover


As a poet who writes daily, I carry an ‘ideas book’ with me everywhere I go. I’ve done this for years now but still have every one. They each last between 6-8 months each. This one was purchased in August last year whilst visiting Venice, Italy. When finished later in April, it’ll join the others – now numbering just shy of 100. Each is a a treasure. Photo – Jempics 

…with a festive smile

I found a moment over Christmas
Penguin Cafe in the air
In the oven, turkey roasting
whilst I was sitting there

My pen, it found the paper
and words came, as they do
from time to time as inspiration
a poem to eschew

And I sat in contemplation
and wrote a little while
for some moments over Christmas
with a big, wide festive smile


Photo – Holly ‘Bezza’ Croucher

[The Penguin Cafe orchestra was the brainchild of creative lead ‘Simon Jeffes’ until his passing in 1997. Hard to categorise, suffice to say that Penguin Cafe carved their own little ‘je ne sais quoi’ in the world of musical genre. Here’s a little slice…]


Tri-Haiku (3 lines)

Three lines to capture
a life of special moments
with words of meaning

Three lines to capture
whimsical inspiration
lost to echos past

Three lines to capture
words right from the poet’s heart
Three haikus for you


Photo – Jempics

The Poet’s Voice III

3 of 3

This inspiration
found in life and echoed here
Clear, the Poet’s Voice


Photo & background artwork – from #Jemverse on instagram, August 2018 – Jempics

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