Jasmine tanka

Fragrant with Jasmine
captured in the evening air
The essence of Spring
And here with warmer evenings
embellish the privilege


Photo – Jempics


Spend an evening in my garden
and I can guarantee you this
You’ll never want to leave again
for the fragrance here is bliss

The Jasmine flowering with the sun
fills the air with heaven
and overpowers your senses
at any time past seven

It really is quite wonderful
this pleasure in the air
Just standing still and breathing in
you’re captivated there.


Evening waits

Evening bides its time for me
Welcome with an easy chair
And, parting in the early hours
It’s always waiting for me there

Evening knows the rest I need
from the rigours of the day
Awaits with closing rays of sun
and respite from the frack and fray

Evening has a fragrant whim
with Jasmine heavy in the air
And returning to its welcome arms
I am at peace when I am there


Jasmine gone

Jasmine as a baby

Joined us years ago

Growing with the garden

Summer sun and winter snow

Her fragrance in the long, warm eve

and in the mornings with the dew

gave us a taste of heaven

as she grew and grew and grew

But her shadow hid the sunshine

we love so much this time of year

Something drastic had to happen

So out came the garden shears

Jasmine’s gone now, garden’s bigger

Reclaimed borders. Evening sun

A new found freedom to relax in

When long days are done


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