Start 10

10 of 12 in the ’12 months VI’ series

I have summer and sunshine here in my grasp
and I'm not letting go, so don't even ask
They're mine and neither is going away
so no fretting there as I start this display

For I am fair June and the summer is mine
so most of my days will be lovely and fine
And you will be warm and blissfully free
as you celebrate this, the summer with me


Photo – Jempics


Longest Day

The twenty-first, the longest day
and this 'Spanish Plume' remains
bringing heat for Solstice
for heady dancing gains
and I with best foot forward
claim the day all for my own
this solstice here in summer
in the June I've loved and known


Photo – Jempics

One X

10 of 12 in the Jemverse series ’12 months V’

And so to June, the mid-year glory
when summer smiles and hides no more
to writers and their story

For this the month that solstice brings
a light in length triumphant reigns
and poets and their stanza sings


Photo – Jempics

So good the sun

So good to feel the sun again
and let its warmth envelope me
as I lie down and drift away
at ease and blissfully

So good to see the good it's done
to grass and bush and tree
as growth abundant blossoms
quite unequivocally

So good to know the sunshine does
all this and all for free
rejuvenates and satisfies
and evident to see

So good the sun and all it is
in June especially
with summer just beginning
and in all its infancy


Photo – Jempics

Sufficient to please

I am pleased with all my lavender
and though weeks yet til the chop
I've several plants now on the go
to bring a bumper crop

Still green of course but now the shoots
here early into June
are good to see and promising
with all the flowers in bloom

So as I pass from time to time
I give a gentle squeeze
as the volume of that fragrance
is sufficient here to please


Photo – Jempics

Abundantly clear

And this morning
the glorious sunshine pervaded
so wondrously
that I was persuaded
though it didn't take much
if the truth be told
as when one is faced
by mornings of gold
it is really and truly
abundantly clear
that June has arrived
and the summer is here


Photo – Jempics

Tri-haiku XXXIII (Heaven)

Afternoon sunshine
in June, deliciously hot
I am in heaven

But it is a place
on earth, as Belinda said
and she was quite right

Nowhere else I would
further be this afternoon
than right here right now


Photo – Jempics

Beginning 10

10 of 12 in the Jemverse series ’12 months IV’

As summers come and summers go
June comes around each year
and with it comes a joie de vivre
I've all my life held dear

For I am a child of summer
born for warmth and sun
when the golden one's high apex
means that June has finally come

These are the days of seldom
for they have one short fling
following the close of May
and the fading of the Spring

So I will fill them all and use
each one for Summer's hold
from the rising of a morning
to the setting of the gold

Bring those rays of warming
as I lift my head to breathe
and celebrate the month of June
raison d'être, joie de vivre


Photo – Jempics

Born to the sun IV

Past sixty-one summers
I was born to the sun
a new Thursday’s child
to the world then had come
At the end of the fifties
the Rock n Roll years
a little boy blue
as the sixties they neared

And appropriate now
as that decade I see
this child of the summer
his spirit still free
So here on the day
I was born to this earth
this Thursday’s child
knows the sun for its worth


Picture – ‘Sunshine splash #1’ by the author

First X

10 of 12 in the Jemverse ’12 months III’ series

The sixth month of the year arrives
here with the first of June
Summer smiles a welcome
singing here a happy tune
Sun shines down from clear blue skies
a little dance seems right
expression of the sentiment
we have with this in sight

Nature’s green abundant growth
with colour in between
as flowers open wide their bloom
to be the best they’ve been
June we always welcome you
the summer in our heart
marked upon your first day here
to herald in the start


Photo Jempics

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