Random acts of kindness

A random act of kindness
in a word or by a deed
can bring a ray of sunshine
to someone who has the need

And when it happens, always
you can rest assured and know
that little thing you said or did
has brought a nice warm glow



Being Nice

It’s always so much nicer
being nice throughout a day
Instead of being horrid
(That’s what I think anyway)

It’s always rather better
to wear a smile upon your face
Instead of being grumpy
and just moping ’round the place

And to say a cheery word
like ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Hello’
is really rather better
than a sullen frown you know

And as it eats away inside
when you are spiteful or unkind
It’s almost a no brainer
to instead bring peace of mind

So this is why my poems
always find bright things to say
As it’s just a little method
to help me brighten up your day



Mind’s eye pictures

It’s dark now when I leave for work
And dark on my way home
I rarely see the daylight
Yet I have little cause to moan

For it my be winter outside now
But in my mind I see the sun
Warming up this winter frame
When each morning is begun

It’s mid-December now so there
Are only four more months to go
Until the springtime comes again
Warming sun not cold and snow

Until then though, I have pictures
In the eye within my mind
Providing scenes of long hot summer days
It’s a comfort, yes, and kind


A sobering thought

Can I ask your indulgence for just a mo?
and to picture a scene with me?
It’s cold and it’s started snowing
And down there, close to the sea
There’s an empty bus shelter and an old cardboard box
And a man on a bench looking grim
Do you remember that day when you were shopping in town
Can you not remember him?

You parted with your cash at the drop of a hat
But ignored the one placed at your feet
And now whilst you are at home in the warm
He shivers alone on his seat
What do you think will his Christmas be like?
Will he know any goodwill or cheer?
Will he even be round long enough to see
Another Christmas alone next year?

It’s a sobering thought, I am sure you’ll agree
So spare one for those on the streets
The homeless for whom when Christmas time comes
Means no presents, no laughter, no treats
And if you’re able to help, well that’s even better
For a time or just for a while
For every random act of kindness this year
Is sure to illicit a smile


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