Aspects of Gold III

Part 3 of 3

Of the sunsets I’ve seen
these aspects of gold
are treasures to cherish
and assets to hold
For each is a promise
to capture and seize
from the sun in the sky
like a kiss on the breeze


Photo – from #Jemverse on Instagram, September 2018 – Jempics

Sunrise embrace

Along the western esplanade
out across the sea
A golden winter promise
reached out its arms to me
So I stood a little while
awestruck and swathed in grace
as it wrapped its arms around me
in a sunrise warm embrace
Reaching from horizon
it touched me like a kiss
And in a lingering moment
I felt the pleasure of its bliss


Sunset kiss

Here are golden seas
As sun kisses water
and lovers unite


Kissed by moving water

Kissed by moving water
gentle, sometimes strong
shingle moves the shifting sand
to the ocean’s song


Storm and shout

The excitement of a thunderstorm
always brings a thrill
A flash of light and then the count
the waiting then until
A roll or clap of thunder
like a party in the sky
The same for when it’s miles away
or really close nearby

Mostly followed by a deluge
as raindrops kiss the ground
Accompanied by an echo
of the fading thunder sound
And then the flash of light again
as the stormfront closes in
Then I just have to shout out loud
with excitement in the din


x=kiss (haiku)

X to mark the spot
affection symbolised as
love’s simplicity


[A-Z April – day 24 – X]

Writing 101 day 8: Death to adverbs (“Sit in the sea”)

Think I’ll go sit in the sea

Let the waves wash over me

One of the best places to be

When I am feeling like this

Think I’ll go play in the sand

Build something with my own hand

A castle that’s splendid and grand

Where I will then live in bliss

Think I will let go and fly

Up with the seagulls on high

But then I will awake by and by

With a caress from the breeze and a kiss




Whispering a smile

Blue sky of a morning

When the air is as crystal

A clarity now the rain is gone

Remembering halcyon days

When my spirits rose

Mostly when the sun had shone

Like a kiss on the breeze

Quietly holding its own

Lingering like an echo for a while

A treasured moment, this

One to myself to cherish and to hold

Almost like whispering a smile



Writing 101 – a room with a view (The Kiss)

In a field full of flowers on a day long ago

With the sun above shining with warm summer glow

Two kindred hearts they went walking, hand in hand

Linked with a love to be sealed with gold band

With a smile one whispered with a voice like fresh dew

Three words full of meaning, the words ‘I love you’

And the couple strode onwards to the meadow beyond

Where the chapel was waiting to help seal their bond

Hand in hand in the aisle they made known their wish

A promise made jointly and sealed with a kiss.




We’re all drawn to certain places. If you had the power to get somewhere — anywhere — where would you go right now? For your twist, focus on building a setting description.

(Writing 101- day 2 challenge)

Dreamy (Footbridge leaning)

(9) footbridge (2002)

On the footbridge, leaning

Tide low on the ebb, water slow

Seagulls lazy, playfully flitting

Low over the sinking river

Whilst over the hills in the west

The golden sun waves farewell

It is a smile I am thinking now

But soon a tear trickles

Meets the curl of my lips. so you can see

That this is joy I am feeling

Waving, I whisper a ‘Thank You’

Knowing well that I will know

This warming pleasure again tomorrow

It is a short farewell; a brief passing

And I am so thankful –

A kiss at sunset with salt in the air.


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