The Last Laugh

It’s raining leaves out there
they’re just pouring down
The wind’s blowing a ‘hoolie’
and the trees wear a frown
By the time the storm’s over
they’ll be naked and bare
and the winter will laugh
at their bashfulness there

But I think the last laugh
(as is always the case)
will come later on
when new clothes will replace
Then the trees will be smirking
at Winter’s demise
sporting new season fashions
when Springtime arrives


The rollercoaster ride

In the razor sharp clarity
of a crisp autumn morn
An erudite moment
of instinct was born
A momentary feeling
captured and held
Crystallised into form
to fashion and meld

In these days of uncertainty
moments like these
Akin to the feeling
of a warm summer breeze
Are the ones that will shape
and strengthen the mind
Providing foundation
with purpose to find

Life’s a rollercoaster ride
with its up and its downs
But when the scary bit’s over
Our laughs replace frowns
So when clarity comes
and the purpose is clear
The ride’s there to enjoy
With nothing to fear.



I watched the sea

I watched the sea

It did me proud

I smiled at it

Then laughed out loud

The warming sun

Bright in my face

On Shoreham beach

My special place

It’s everything

And all of me

For I am whole

Beside the sea

I laughed again

And felt at ease

For I am content

For times like these


©Jemverse (March 2011)

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