Labour divine

Lavender production here in full swing
its fragrance filling the air
as jars of pure loveliness wait to be filled
on the table in front of me there

Every seed saved, the purple and mauve
cathartic this labour divine
Some given away, some kept just for me
as all of this lavender's mine


Photo – Jempics

That lavender time again VI

Every year my lavender
features on this day
The twenty-third of each July
no matter, come what may

For this as each year passes
is that lavender time again
celebrating harvest time
from sunshine and the rain

And culminating in
this fragrance so divine
which comes from all the lavender
I pick around this time


Photo – one of my 2021 lavender harvests in my Sussex Trug – Jempics

‘That lavender time again’ is a theme recurring on an annual basis when, on 23rd July, I publish a new poem in the series. Here are trackbacks to the previous outings – (2020), (2019), (2018), (2017) & (2016)


A bumble bee for pollen
on my lavender today
the flowers are now at their best
so a cropping's on the way
Means the bumble bees
will have to find another source
but that won't be a problem
cos there's lots round here of course

And a cropping of some lavender
means my Trug will do its thing
holding stems of loveliness
now their flowering's a thing
Of course I'll capture that by photo
as more words that will inspire
My Sussex Trug and lavender
to treasure and admire


Photo – Jempics

Lavender by the wall

I didn't plant this lavender
that's growing by the wall
in fact I'm really quite surprised
that it is growing here at all

It must have grown from seed of course
from the crop I grow each year
and a stray stem I must have missed
though I'm careful, let's be clear

To harvest every one of those
as precious they all are
so I'm careful not to miss a one
I'm most particular

And yet the evidence is here
growing on its own
a lavender to cultivate
from a small seed not sown

But I will treasure it the same
as all the others here
for another crop of loveliness
I get from year to year


Photo – Jempics

Sufficient to please

I am pleased with all my lavender
and though weeks yet til the chop
I've several plants now on the go
to bring a bumper crop

Still green of course but now the shoots
here early into June
are good to see and promising
with all the flowers in bloom

So as I pass from time to time
I give a gentle squeeze
as the volume of that fragrance
is sufficient here to please


Photo – Jempics

New Lavender II

I bought some new lavender
and new earthenware pots
to place out the front
with the best sunshine spots
I hope it does well
and adds to the joy
that lavender brings me
(let's not be coy)
for its fragrance divine
when it's growing like this
is my form of heaven
and takes me to bliss


Photo – Jempics

Late lavender

In a patch by the pond
with driftwood surround
late lavender blooms in the sun
nurtured by hand
it’s now looking grand
with fragrance ’til summer is done

It’s watered each day
and tended with care
for it’s something with pleasure to bring
late lavender there
with beauty to share
so much as to make your heart sing


Photo – Jempics

That lavender time again V

Permeating everywhere
heaven’s scent again
that ‘lavender time’ is here once more
bring on that sweet refrain

An afternoon spent bagging it
that heady fragrance there
as I breathe in its loveliness
a thing beyond compare

And what is totally sublime
is that throughout the year
I simply have to squeeze a bag
to rekindle summer cheer


Photo – Jempics

[In July each year, one of my favourite pastimes is a day spent bagging the dried crop from my annual lavender harvest. Although I’ve been doing this for years, the last five (2016 through 2020) have been marked with a ‘That lavender time again’ poem, added to Jemverse on 23 July each year]

First Lavender III

We’ve not been to our allotment
Covid-19’s seen to that
But Emily our daughter
has been keeping it intact
We’re seeing lots of pictures
which she takes from time to time
and I’m pleased to say as ever
that it’s looking mighty fine

But no substitute the pictures
for actually being there
and by that we’re disappointed
as the work we’d like to share
But in spite of that of course
the allotment keeps on growing
and Emily, bless her heart
continues with the sowing

So imagine my delight
when today she brought a gift
Something from our allotment
my spirits for to lift
First lavender in its glory
fragrant, wonderful, sublime
With the promise of abundance
when it’s lavender picking time


Photo – Jempics

Lavender bagging

Bagged up all my lavender
in bunches hung above me
drying out and making
all around me smell quite lovely
A bumper crop this year
has meant a lot more bags to do
which later on as little gifts
may find their way to you

It’s really a cathartic way
to spend a summer day
bagging up the lavender
I’ve grown along the way
A day I spend least once a year
each harvest to remember
Sometimes in late August
Sometimes in September


Photo – this year’s lavender crop, bagged up and ready to go – Jempics

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