The Light

In this chill air, this morning
when the light has just begun
I shiver in the sunshine
for the night is barely done

In this warm air, this noontime
with the light is in full swing
I bathe in the full sunshine
with the warmth that it will bring

In this cool air, this evening
when the light begins to fade
I recollect the sunshine
as the shadows grow to shade


Photo – Jempics

The hope from flattened light

On a grey day, light flattens
to North or East or South or West
the brightness that sun and blue skies bring
on a grey day is suppressed

Yet I am still hopeful
as to South or West or North or East
the brightness that sun and blue skies bring
lies waiting for my eyes to feast


Tri-Tanka III (light)

Yes, it is morning
But time clings to night time still
and my pen falters
Caught between a moment there
the clarity hides behind

Daylight hides away
Its face obscured by darkness
and my pen falters
Unsure of the words that come
and can their truth be trusted

The beauty shines through
A small pink of light lurking
Confident my pen
Finds the words and hold them true
as a torch in the darkness


Photo – Jempics


Chiaroscuro to the painter
contrast captured to the eye
To the poet though, his words
capture light for you and I


Photo – Jempics (Early morning light capture, The Thames, London – looking to Tower Bridge – from Lower Thames Street pier).

Light in my eyes

The Light Quartet captured
the year in four seasons
Each with a nuance
Each with a reason

Sometimes it is fading
Sometimes on the rise
But throughout the year
There is light in my eyes


The Light Quartet, published on Jemverse yesterday (6/11) was written on 28 September 2018

The Light Quartet

In Spring light glistens
Fresh with the joy of new life
It leaps and bounds

In Summer light is
Simply and completely full
At one with the sun

In Autumn light fades
Lacklustre with long shadows
Evening of the year

In Winter light shines
Dancing on the brittle earth
It looks to the Spring


Photo – Jempics

Like diamond (haiku)

Light fills my garden
Yellow into golden here
Shining like diamond


Photo – from #Jemverse on instagram, August 2018 – Jempics

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