Of oak leaves, glass and talented soulmates

Fresh out the kiln for autumn
oak leave inspired glass
bound for the stall in Lewes
purchased by those who pass

All crafted by my soulmate's hand
I'm hoping one will find
its way into my study
as I am that way inclined

Tactile as they are lovely
hung up to catch the light
these crafted glass creations
make for a lovely sight


Inspired by oak leaves found in a Sussex field to which we go regularly, these glass ‘light catchers’ are the latest batch to emerge from my soulmate Sal’s studio. 


Lamp stand Lovely

Bought a new lampshade
it's small and petite
but on the old lamp stand
it looks nice and sweet
The lamp stand we've had
two score years and some
since we were first wed
and the two became one

So it holds for us precious
memories close to the heart
and just for that reason
it's pleasing to start
it on yet another
new lease of life
this precious old lamp stand
to me and my wife


Photo – Jempics

Short back and sides

Gave the back garden
a bit of a trim
as it's amazing how quickly
the state it gets in
So the bushes out there
got a short back and sides
to give us more light
as each evening provides

And that is a factor
the later we get
and the shorter the day
and the quicker sunset
For the evenings are shorter
so the light up the top
is much better now
as it's had a good crop


Photo – Jempics


3 of 3 in the ‘Day’ series from Jemverse

Today I will probably work for a while
I’ll start about eight I would think
But first I’ll sit here and look at the world
as I’ve still some more coffee to drink

It’s raining today and the sky is all grey
yet still with hardly a breeze
But from the way that people are dressed up out there
I’ll not venture out lest I freeze

Today I will probably stay warm indoors
I’ll listen to music and smile
cosy and snuggled and comfy and home
where I’m happy to stay for a while


Photo – Jempics

Every day

2 of 3 in the ‘Day’ series from Jemverse

By my window of a morning
when my blogs have been updated
I will sit here with my coffee
’til my mind is satiated

For there’s one thing I like to do
before I start my day
Commit to paper a few lines
in my own special way

It doesn’t have to be that long
a few short words suffice
But the commitment is cathartic
and a pleasure which is nice


Photo – Jempics

Another day

1 of 3 in the ‘Day’ series from Jemverse

Fragile the fading
light slips quietly away
Yet, though mournful I pine
it is a sentiment embroidered
with the wonder of hope
Precious in the knowledge that
tomorrow is another day


Photo – Jempics

The Light

In this chill air, this morning
when the light has just begun
I shiver in the sunshine
for the night is barely done

In this warm air, this noontime
with the light is in full swing
I bathe in the full sunshine
with the warmth that it will bring

In this cool air, this evening
when the light begins to fade
I recollect the sunshine
as the shadows grow to shade


Photo – Jempics

The hope from flattened light

On a grey day, light flattens
to North or East or South or West
the brightness that sun and blue skies bring
on a grey day is suppressed

Yet I am still hopeful
as to South or West or North or East
the brightness that sun and blue skies bring
lies waiting for my eyes to feast


Tri-Tanka III (light)

Yes, it is morning
But time clings to night time still
and my pen falters
Caught between a moment there
the clarity hides behind

Daylight hides away
Its face obscured by darkness
and my pen falters
Unsure of the words that come
and can their truth be trusted

The beauty shines through
A small pink of light lurking
Confident my pen
Finds the words and hold them true
as a torch in the darkness


Photo – Jempics


Chiaroscuro to the painter
contrast captured to the eye
To the poet though, his words
capture light for you and I


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