Iron Lighthouse

On the north sea coast at Harwich
Iron lighthouse in the sea
Built to replace the old one
back in eighteen sixty-three

Here are sandy beaches
but the sea looks just the same
As is does down on the Southern coast
where I’ll soon be home again


The ‘High’ and ‘Low’ Lighthouses on Dovercourt’s shore at Harwich were built in 1863 as a pair after the two Lighthouses at Harwich, which worked on a similar principal of being aligned by the mariner to mark safe passage had become inacurate and dangerously misleading. Pictured is the ‘low’ one of the pair. 

The Venetian Lighthouse

Part 12 of 20 in ‘The Aegean Shores’ series

To the Venetian Lighthouse
on the old harbour wall
with the breeze from the sea
to cool down one and all
As usual we timed it
with no one about
as it’s only much later
that they all come out

But by then we are sitting
in the shade with a beer
watching the crowds
in fair Chania here


[This is part 12 of a 20-part series charting a seven-day cruise with Tui from 11-18 August 2017, travelling from London to Corfu, then Kalamata (Greece), Santorini, Rhodes, Crete, Piraeus (Greece), Kefalonia, Corfu and London, some 3,870 nautical miles]

Whitley Bay

St Mary’s lighthouse on the coast
here at Whitley Bay
On a coastal island
at the tail end of a day

With rain flecks in the evening breeze
we crossed at ebbing tide
Careful not to slip and fall
though the slipway was quite wide

And from the island summit
‘Neath the white walls of the tower
we looked out to the northern sea
and its majestic power

This really is lovely place
in North East England fair
So we stayed a little while
and just revelled being there



The ocean of life

Out in the ocean of life

Tossed by the menacing seas

I struggled like a ship without radar

To find my way home

But the waves towered, mountains of water

Folding fields into hillsides of terror

And I lost all sense of direction

As I floundered all alone

Falling foul of the watery maelstrom

As the sky turned black overhead

I struggled in life’s dark waters

Turned my back on the promise of hope

But, as the bilge struggled lame with the floodtide

And my ship listed further to port

I saw a flash of bright light on the horizon

Through the spray and the seething foam

And the lighthouse guided me homeward

Set my path with its beam in the night

And brought me back into harbour

To the safety of my Father’s home.



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