The red and the gold

The sunset is over
the fading has passed
the evening slip-slides away
We’ve said our goodbyes
and shared in the peace
that we saw at the end of your day

The red and the gold
have flooded the sky
The evening of life is now done
We’ve each kissed your head
and held your sweet hand
as the end of your life has now come

But as I left he smiled
and tipped me a wink
The angel there at the door
Whispered a greeting
said it was time
That this was what you’d waited for

‘She’s in good hands’ he said
‘And loving it now’
‘With a jump and a dance and a shout’
‘Shed a tear by all means’
‘But remember that this’
‘Is really what living’s about’


Photo – Jempics

[Written on the day my Mother – Ruth Eunice Shrimpton – passed; 20 May 2019].

A trip to Lewes

Took a wander round Lewes
thought that would be good
Had a beer at the snowdrop
and some rather nice food
Browsed some antique shops
dodging the rain
Through the Clarice Cliff price tags
were bad for my brain

Still, I’m hoping that one day
ignoring the price
When my children are rich
one of them will be nice
and buy me a plate
or maybe a bowl
For my birthday one day
(at least, that is the goal)

Clarice Cliff to one side
I found an old map
for a couple of quid
from a rather nice chap
Dates back to the forties
I think, give or take
But it makes for a particularly
special keepsake

Then, browsing all done
it was time for a cuppa
and a snack to go with it
as too early for supper
The cafe was loud
with lots of folk talking
so it wasn’t that long
’til we were out again walking

The afternoon sun though
was warm in our face
Adding there to the pleasure
we get from this place
We’ll be back again here
be that sooner or later
As Lewes for us
can only get greater


See also: “Lewes” (28 August 2015) and “Ouse (Lewes)” (1 August 2014)


I think that now you would be proud
of all I have achieved
But on that day in seventy-four
I merely felt deceived
I was fifteen then and, waking rude
my sunshine went away
with suits upon the doorstep
on that dark and painful day
A long, black car, a hated suit
The deep hole in the ground
The falling ring upon the wood
That lonely, hollow sound
Bereft back then but I have lived
a life since that sad day
as two and forty years have passed
since Daddy passed away
So on this nineteenth day of second month
I’ll raise a glass to you
Recalling fifteen precious years
with the father that I knew


C’est la vie

I got to thinking
Life’s too short
for anything else
save that I ought
to do and think
and be about
and nothing else
there is no doubt

Cos tomorrow is
another day
and what is past
and come what may
For today I am
and that’s a fact
precious little
can detract

It’s what it is
a treasure and
a life worth living
hand in hand
The present tense
the ‘c’est la vie’
is all that should
be here daily


The summer of me

When the morning air welcomes
From a night time that’s done
And the wind has died down
Giving warmth to the sun
And the sea’s a flat calm
Now the new day’s begun
The summer of me lives again

When the air is as crystal
And there’s barely a sound
With the dawn’s heavy dew
Still fresh on the ground
And the day lies there’s quietly
As it wants to be found
The summer of me lives again

When the hills of fair Sussex
Are yellow and green
Painted there in bright colours
At the best I have seen
And the blue of the sky
Is a deepening sheen
The summer of me lives again

When the ocean I love
Mirrors skies overhead
And the waves whisper back
Every word that I’ve said
And the shingle reminds me
Of the life I have led
The summer of me lives again

When all of these things
Come together to show
What life is about
For those in the know
And envelop me in their
Comforting glow
The summer of me lives again


Photo – Sussex Downs – Jempics

A life worth living

I might see a roaring wave
or a flower on the breeze
or a smile as something happens
or something brings me to my knees

I might feel a mountain
or a feather floating by
I might spill a thousand tears
as their beauty makes me cry

I might feel like shouting
or whispering a while
or simply want to say something
that would conjure up a smile

I might hear some music
that sends a shiver down my spine
or smell the scent of lavender
or some other fragrance fine

I might see and hear and taste
Senses in overdrive
All just daily facets of what
it means to be alive


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