Four flights of steps between

Three rooms, four flights of steps divide
my life these days its seems
and one might question why and what
that self-containment means

But I am not perturbed by it
and not imprisoned I
No captive here, no punishment
I happily get by

For this is life in lockdown
but I am quite content
as I know it’s not forever
so I also have intent

That when all this is over
I’ll be out there every day
and, not confined to shielding
live it in every way

Til then though these three rooms
with four flights of steps between
will stay for my contentment
for I know just what they mean


Photo – the penultimate flight of steps to my study – Jempics

Lockdown writing III

Late into the night
when sleep does not come
my mind wanders freely
until it is done
Gives me the words
that I pluck from the air
and fashion to paper
with rhythm and flair

For you can take freedom
and prevent me from seeing
but you can’t take the substance
that’s part of my being
So I’ll use this abandon
and give it some form
as the gift of the poet
here pending the norm


Photo – Jempics

Freedom Promise

I had a little dream
about the things I used to do
not so very long ago
but now complete taboo
Simple things like walking out
to town and wandering round
taking pleasure in the things
which in a charity shop I’d found

Or sitting with good friends
in the pub just down the lane
for a couple of pale ales
and a natter and a game
But though these are impossible
at the moment there is hope
that I cling to with a promise
which allows me here to cope

For there will come a time
before the summer’s done
when we can see those things again
and dance out in the sun
So until that time comes round
I will make the most of things
biding time until the day
when freedom once more sings


Photo – Jempics

Mind’s Eye travelling II

In my mind’s eye I have travelled
to the places I love most
here in lovely Sussex
on the charming Southern coast
Places I can’t visit
in these strange days we are in
but yet I know each one so well
for clear remembering

So though I am restricted
to the places close to home
I can still recall the pleasure
which freedom gives to roam
And with these recollections
I can travel far afield
to the places closest to my heart
above the Sussex Weald


Photo – the Sussex Weald from Ditchling Down, South Downs, Sussex – Jempics

Lockdown writing II

The comfort I find
at this time of contagion
is the knowledge that here
and of likewise persuasion
other poets like me
have taken to paper
with words that will capture
the gist of this caper

The tragedy yes
but the happiness too
as good human nature
with hope battles through
and comes to the fore
across every land
as poets together
are making a stand

Our words will be steadfast
and wholesome and true
as we live by the hope
that will carry us through
and they’ll capture the essence
of what life’s about
some with a whisper
and some with a shout


Photo – Jempics

The Solution

I’ve spent the whole day in the garden
but I’ve not moved very far
as lockdown means the space I’ve got
is not spectacular
I can walk from the front room
to the garden out the back
thirty metres give or take
so not much of a track
The stairs afford an up and down
but some care there must be had
as they’re quite narrow so a trip
down them would be quite bad

So I’ve come up with a solution
which works quite well for me
and keeps me in the sunshine
out the back and fancy free
It’s to listen to my music
on my headphones nice and loud
and walk round in a circle
on the grass as I’m not proud
It’s not a bad idea
as depending on the length
I can walk out there for ages
and keep building up my strength

And I get through lots of music
whilst I’m exercising there
moving to the rhythm
a fluidity to share
I can even if I’m careful
close my eyes and drift away
when walking in my circle
in the middle of the day
It’s a solution that will work I think
until this lockdown’s done
and we again enjoy the freedom
of a long walk in the sun


Photo – Jempics

Lockdown writing I

There’s no doubt I am writing more
(I’m about a week ahead)
as lockdown keeps me here at home I
take up my pen instead
I’m mostly in my garden
out the back or in the front
which gets sunshine in the evening
for the choice to be quite blunt

Sometimes like today I’m
just sitting in the sun
but other days I’m gardening
which I’m finding rather fun
But whatever I am doing
there is pen and paper near
as you never know when words will come
and new poems will appear


Photo – Jempics

Like the sea

We brought a solar water feature
for our birdbath as you do
‘Cos it kind of seem appropriate
and the best thing we could do

So now when it is sunny
we can sit and listen long
to the sound of falling water
as it plays its little song

It really is a peaceful sound
calming like the sea
where in these days of lockdown
I’m afraid I cannot be

Still, I can sit and listen
and take comfort that I will
again be given freedom
so I’ll bid my time until

For just like the beach my garden
is a haven at this time
complete now with a fountain
playing music when it’s fine


Photo – Jempics

Still singing

Wet roads glisten in sunshine
fresh from the rain
as I sit here gazing from
my high window again
There’s not much here passing
lockdown in full swing
but it highlights the colour
which comes from the Spring

The yellow forsythia
is lovely to see
from up here at my window
and brings home to me
that despite all the changes
this virus is bringing
there’s nothing to stop the
world from still singing


Photo – Jempics

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