Carols at Christmas

We all went up to London
to the Royal Albert Hall
Voices ready to sing loud
proclaiming Christmas call

The Philharmonic orchestra
was wonderful to hear
five thousaand people joining in
with rousing festive cheer

And the mexican wave was something else
all adding to the thing
this unique celebration gave
with carols there to sing


Carols at the Royal Albert Hall, London -21/12/19 – Jempics


Looking out on grey water
from Lower Thames Street
to the Shard there on Southbank
architectural feat
I’m reminded the privilege
I share with the few
of working in buildings
which command such a view
of London’s surroundings
and tourist attractions
Oft taken for granted
with other distractions


Photo – The Shard from Custom House, Lower Thames Street, London – Jempics

The Wellington

Moored now at the Temple Stairs
where she’s been since forty-eight
The Wellington lies white and proud
A museum ship of late

Rescuing survivors
during World War two
Where she acted as an escort
in the Pacific ocean, blue

But now she lies serene, at rest
In London on the Thames
Where people get historic tours
in parties now and then


Photo – (stock) HQS Wellington

The ‘Wellington’ is the last surviving example of a Second World War escort ship in Britain. For most of the war. she carried out convoy escort duties, steaming over 240,000 nautical miles, providing escort to 103 convoys and rescuing some 500 survivors from lifeboats. Since 1948 she’s been moored at Temple Stairs on the Thames and is now owned by ‘The Wellington Trust’. As the HQ of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners, she has been renamed ‘HQS Wellington’.


Moody skies above the Thames
on early winter morn
I’d shiver in the brittle chill
save for the coat I’ve worn
But Tower Bridge beneath the blue
with massive skies right there
Is such to take my breath away
That I just had to share

You see, it’s simple, truth be told
when views like this I see
Words will follow, honed to verse
and then to poetry
For scenes like this, ‘poetic’
is the only thing to say
to encapsulate the moment
shared and captured by the day


Photo – Jempics


Chiaroscuro to the painter
contrast captured to the eye
To the poet though, his words
capture light for you and I


Photo – Jempics (Early morning light capture, The Thames, London – looking to Tower Bridge – from Lower Thames Street pier).

Stranger in a strange land

Ventured to a wall of glass
with suits and conversations
much of which just passed me by
such was my motivation
For I was as a stranger
in a land I didn’t know
London’s dockland business world
with money there on show

To me it all seemed alien
and unsettling I would say
So I’m rather pleased I only
had to be there half a day
I’d rather see the sun on sea
than from reflections on the glass
So you can keep your business world
on that I think I’ll pass


Photo – Canary Wharf in London’s docklands (aka ‘The City’) – Jempics

Tower Bridge

London’s skyline, Tower Bridge
viewed from way up high
You don’t see views like this most days
beneath a cloud-filled sky

The sunshine on the River Thames
The Shard across the way
This really is spectacular
on this lovely autumn day


Photo – Tower Bridge (the Shard in the background) taken from floor 12 of the Tower Hotel, St Catherine’s dock, London, October 2018 – Jempics

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