Lost and found II

Hidden in small corner
I found something I'd lost
saved me there the hardship
of counting up a cost
for it was something precious
I hold dear to my heart
and which when separated
felt at loss when there apart
So now it's found I'm happy
reunited once again
continuity rekindled
as together we remain


Photo – Jempics


The lost words

We are lost words searching
for a poem we once knew
Somehow we were parted
and it’s left us feeling blue
We feel bereft and lacking
it’s not nice to be alone
We should be with all the other words
in a poem that’s our home

Perhaps we are unusual
yet we’re sure that given time
We’d find our place with all the rest
somewhere that has rhyme
We are ‘orange’; we are ‘rhythm’
warmth and movement guaranteed
Yet no fit to rhyming stanza
a fact by all agreed

We are ‘month’ and we are ‘walrus’
and can be added to a line
But we’ll never be there at the end
as none of us will rhyme
Yet here as you’ve been reading
we’ve been added just the same
And given home with other words
in some poetry again



Pea Soup

Visibility almost zero
I can barely see the green
I know it’s out there somewhere
For it’s oft where I have been

Strange how unfamiliar
Things become on foggy days
I know this is the way to go
Despite this strange malaise

Nothing’s where I expect it though
The tree line’s disappeared
I’m beginning to walk aimlessly
And get lost just as I feared

But then, all of a sudden
The trees appear in front of me
Their ghostly apparition brings
A little clarity

My path remains uncertain
This pea soup thickens still
But there’s promise there before me
Strengthening my will

Resolve puts best foot forward
‘Carpe Diem’ (seize the day)
A metaphor from Sussex hills
To help me find my way


Writing 101: Day 16 – “Found”

I’ve found it at last

It was lost but now found

And that’s good – it’s quite a relief

For despite all the hunting

In the obvious places

It was gone, such was my belief

Perhaps I had binned it

Or filed it away

To be found many years down the line

And puzzled over

By some other person

As to misdemeanour or crime

I thought I had slipped it

Inside a newspaper

Or a magazine in my bag

But having been through them

All several times

I’d not found it such was the drag

Given up then I had

A mystery to me

No clues had I where it lay

Until quite by chance

I happened on it

Right at the end of the day

So I’ve found it at last

I’m at peace once again

The niggling worry is gone

I’ll be off now to home

No more work for me

Now all the searching is done






Writing 101- day 4: “Little Bear Lost”

In a sultry part of the forest where the dandelions grow tall

And Abigail skipped lightly, too happy to see him fall

The sun shone bright and lazily, a sleepy afternoon haze

Where tears were little hidden things not to be seen for days

Happy at first, contented, watching life go by

Insects floating, soft he lay, nothing but a sigh

Whispering gentle, the sun grew long, shadows creeping in

Wondered then when she would come to hold and cuddle him

Dark the night, long and cold, the grass a hawthorn now

Course and rugged, hurting him, cold dew upon his brow

Matted fur and shivering, the shaking of his toes

A soft and fragile whimpering, a tear long on his nose

And back at home, the fretting one, no consoling she

Pined away for Little Ted, prayed on bended knee

Sobbing to the pillow soft, sleep came frail that night

A lonely pair, bereft in loss; pitiful that sight.

Morning dawning, sunshine bright, tried to smile away

But she could not be comforted on this her searching day

Back to the forest, long and dark, back the way she came

But alas, they passed him by, their searching all in vain

Little Ted, he heard her voice, tireless, calling him

But his little voice it would not reach her ears through nature’s din

Watched as shadows passed him by, tears flowed freely now

Longed to feel her warming hand soft upon his brow

Summer faded, Autumn came, leaves turned red and gold

And a farmer came a-walking, frail and very old

Prodding with his walking stick, found a little bear

Put him in his pocket instead of leaving him just there

And in market town that Wednesday, took him to the store

Asked Mrs Price to find a way to give him pride once more

Washed him then and spruced him, round his neck a bow

Sitting on a cardboard box with dollies in a row

And when Abigail came walking she saw him through the glass

“Little Ted!” she cried and then “I’ve found you at long last”

Re-united the happy pair skipped and danced again

A song of happiness sung then, hear long that glad refrain

Little bear lost yet found again, tears all dried up now

His small black nose now comforted, soft hand upon his brow

And Abigail, her smile complete holds Little Ted up high

And laughs long with the sunshine, a full contented sigh.





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