The stranger came…

The sunshine came and visited
today for just a while
Somewhat like a stranger
but gave us cause to smile

With the year that’s still quite young
her warmth has yet to grow
But Spring is not that far away
and will soon be here you know

Then the stranger’s strength will grow
She’ll not be quite so shy
And we’ll welcome her with open arms
whenever she calls by


Photo – Jempics



Caught a flash of red
in the hedgerow yesterday
A little robin redbreast
in the branches on the way
Sitting there quite peacefully
as nature had intended
his plumage looking lovely
and his redbreast rather splendid


Photo – Jempics


It possesses a certain
something that soothes
and reminds me of summer
with its calming moods
Just a squeeze of the sachet
when winter is here
or a rub between fingers
when summer is near
brings out that pure fragrance
that, with purest intent
and a small play on words
is to me ‘heavenscent’


Photo – Lordington Lavender farm, West Sussex, UK – Jempics

Old blue bird table

We have an old blue bird table
some years beyond its prime
But we’ve had it now for ages
and once it looked just fine

Perhaps it should have found its way
to firewood long ago
But we like it in our garden
and are loathe for that, you know

It’s got a certain presence
‘Je ne sais quoi’, we’d say
So until it actually falls apart
it has a place to stay


Photo – Jempics

On built up embankments

Standing on built up embankments
for a moment or two at midday
It’s a pleasure to see the old oyster beds
and seabirds out there at play
The sunshine plays on water
and I squint in the bright glare
relishing, despite the chill
that precious moment here


©Photo – mudbanks and oyster beds, River Adur, West Sussex – Jempics

The Promise II

Outside the weather
reminds me again
that winter’s still here
with the wind and the rain
It’s blowing so hard
with a howl and a moan
from the cold of the north
where it’s festered and grown

And it’s here now to chill
and make us feel old
as like Michelin Men
we dress up for the cold
It’s January now
so there’s more still to come
for a while longer yet
we’ll be freezing and numb

But not all of it’s bad
There’s promise here yet
For it won’t be that long
before Springtime we’ll get
As already we’re seeing
some signs that it’s coming
Albeit sometime yet ’til
our legs we’ll be sunning

The promise with January
momentum is flowing
of Springtime is welcome
whilst it’s chilly and snowing
Because it comes with the knowledge
that in eight weeks or so
the colour of Spring
will be starting to show


Photo – a little winter colour with a promise – January 2018 – Jempics

Oasis of Lovely

Amongst the towering walls of glass
the concrete and the steel
a sculpture hanging in the trees
is calming and genteel

Some will pass it unaware
heads buried in the sand
looking at the mobile glow
they carry in their hand

But some will see it hanging there
and pause a little while
to ponder at its meaning
and allow time for a smile


Photo – tree sculpture on Euston Road, London – Jempics

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