It had the power with beauty
to make you stop and stare
and simply marvel at it
or take a picture there
Golden, proud and splendid
not a one passed by
Everybody slowing and
breathing a deep sigh
For here was autumn’s glory
available and free
presented here with wonder
in this lovely London tree


Photo – St James’ Park, London, November 2017 – Jempics


Autumn’s Glory

It’s lovely in St James’ Park
around this time of year
As all the trees are turning
now the autumn time is here
It’s golden everywhere I look
with leaves upon the ground
Autumn’s glory captured
in the treasure here I’ve found


Photo – St James’ Park, London, November 2017 – Jempics

Flowering Sage

Whilst most now it’s November
has died and gone away
Flowering sage remains and
brightens up this Saturday
The allotment turned for winter
just some brussel sprouts remain
That, and the flowering sage
until the springtime comes again


Photo – Jempics


Part 3 of 6 in the Jemverse ‘At Home’ series

At home we have a garden
It brings us lots of cheer
It’s nice to simply look at
at any time of year
In the summer months we’re out there
in the sunshine all the time
as it’s perfect for relaxing
when the weather’s warm and fine
But it’s great at other times as well
Our extension to the world
Watching at the seasons pass
and changes are unfurled


Photo – Jempics

Twelve Months Eleven

No 4 of 12 in the ‘Twelve Months’ series

So, rhyming with Chrysanthemum
as that’s November’s flower
I’m struggling I have to say
and I’ve been thinking for an hour
Suffice to say it’s lovely
Myriad petals, subtle shade
A winter flower, resplendent
Attractive when displayed
And yes there’s a conundrum
finding stanzas with a rhyme
Especially with the harder words
One has from time to time


Photo – Jempics

[This is 4 in a series of 12 poems written for and published on the 1st of every month for a year. See also ‘Twelve months eight‘ ,‘Twelve months nine‘ and ‘Twelve months ten‘]

The Nasturtium Takeover bid

The nasturtium’s gone manic
now the summer is done
It’s begun to take over
and thinks it’s ‘the one’
If we left it unchecked
It would simply keep growing
and how big it would get
Well, there’s no way of knowing

Perhaps we should crop it
but then things would be duller
For at present its flowers
keep giving us colour
So we’ll leave it a while
with its yellows and gold
For it clings to the summer
whilst the weather gets cold

And we need that reminder
at least for a while
as autumn takes over
and summer’s a smile
For when winter’s cold anger
returns with a frost
This reminder of summer
will be instantly lost


Photo – autumn nasturtiums – Jempics

The red

I stopped, reduced to tears
when the red before me lay
Tear of joy for splendour
shown to me upon this day

Walking down an avenue
trees on either side
Then this, the most spectacular
to leave me misty-eyed

Nature’s hand, the master
brings perfection to the fore
The red, a perfect picture
How could I want for more?


Photo – autumn colour at Sheffield Park, Sussex, UK – Jempics

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