Last brunch

Last brunch today so IPA
featured as it should
along with a veggie breakfast
from the menu which looked good
Shared with jocund company
conversation for a smile
here at our Al Campo
where we come once in a while


Photo – Al Campo, Brighton (a gastro bar/cafe/restaurant) – Jempics

The best I’ve known

Back on the six-miler
in Sussex from my home
it's great to be up here again
the best walk I have known

And that is saying something
as many trails I've trod
several on the continent
and more on English sod

But it's always back to Sussex
which is hardly a surprise
as this is where my home is
where my heart truly lies

So I laughed aloud with pleasure
when I saw again the view
from Mill Hill to the valley
as if it were brand new

And I relished all the byways
walking slow to detail see
soaking up the atmosphere
so precious here to me

Yes I cherish this six-miler
which I've come to call my own
on my doorstep here in Sussex
quite the best that I have known


Photo – Mill Hill looking to the Adur Valley, Sussex, UK – Jempics


A bumble bee for pollen
on my lavender today
the flowers are now at their best
so a cropping's on the way
Means the bumble bees
will have to find another source
but that won't be a problem
cos there's lots round here of course

And a cropping of some lavender
means my Trug will do its thing
holding stems of loveliness
now their flowering's a thing
Of course I'll capture that by photo
as more words that will inspire
My Sussex Trug and lavender
to treasure and admire


Photo – Jempics


Wildflowers in our garden
whilst not a meadow are
nonetheless quite lovely
if not spectacular
From little tiny daisies
to blue and purple there
with bright red in the background
there's little to compare


Photo – Jempics

Lavender by the wall

I didn't plant this lavender
that's growing by the wall
in fact I'm really quite surprised
that it is growing here at all

It must have grown from seed of course
from the crop I grow each year
and a stray stem I must have missed
though I'm careful, let's be clear

To harvest every one of those
as precious they all are
so I'm careful not to miss a one
I'm most particular

And yet the evidence is here
growing on its own
a lavender to cultivate
from a small seed not sown

But I will treasure it the same
as all the others here
for another crop of loveliness
I get from year to year


Photo – Jempics

The golden hour

The golden of the evening
is a lovely thing to see
glistening on forsythia
and shining off its leaves

Particularly through the strands
of our new sunscreen door
colourful it gently sways
which is what we bought it for

And there is birdsong out there
as the sunset it arrives
a joyful song to end the day
and the pleasure it derives

By and by the setting sun
will slowly fade away
as night time comes to take a hold
at the closing of the day

But now until that time arrives
I'll enjoy this respite here
within the subtle warmth of June
we have this time of year


Photo – Jempics

Little yellow

Little yellow very lovely
dainty in the sun
at the bottom of my garden
now the summer has begun

It catches my attention
every time I pass it by
and it's so very gorgeous
that it brings a tear to eye

Tears of joy lest you should worry
for that's what yellows bring
the colour of the sunshine
and 'cos yellow is my thing


Photo – Jempics


It's been one of those sultry days
that summer sometimes brings
when the sunshine burns intensely
with heat haze shimmerings
and though it's now past five o'clock
there's little respite here
so I feel quite contented
to pour a nice cold beer
And with mock-orange fragrance
heady in the air
sit here a little longer
the evening sun to share

By and by the shadows
of our north-facing garden
will hide the sun as to the West
it sets to beg a pardon
but I'll not fret and raise a glass
as tomorrow it's forecast
for lots more glorious weather
as this heatwave's set to last


Photo – Jempics

Sufficient to please

I am pleased with all my lavender
and though weeks yet til the chop
I've several plants now on the go
to bring a bumper crop

Still green of course but now the shoots
here early into June
are good to see and promising
with all the flowers in bloom

So as I pass from time to time
I give a gentle squeeze
as the volume of that fragrance
is sufficient here to please


Photo – Jempics

After the rain II

The sunshine after the rain has passed
makes the garden resplendent and fine
so contented am I to relax in this place
as all of this is Sally's and mine

It's lovely to see the green and the growth
and the flowers coming out in the sun
and to breathe deep the fragrance
headily there now that the rain is all done


Photo – Jempics

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