Harry Potter

Last night we all met Harry
or at least where he was made
after J K Rowling’s books into
the movies were relayed
Up to Leavesden we all drove
north of Watford town
where the Warner Brothers studio
holds the Harry Potter crown
The six of us together
the family complete
for an evening full of magic
as a very special treat



A little bit of magic

I plucked a little bit
of magic from the air
as it waited for me patiently
in the sunlight just out there
It carried a pure fragrance
which I cherished with a smile
as I put it in my pocket
to carry for a while
A little bit of magic
which will go a long, long way
until some more comes drifting
by me on another day


The poet and some troublesome words

As a candle burned into the night
the poet played a game
Chasing words that tried to hide
behind the flickering flame

But however hard the poet tried
he could not catch but one
The words were quick to disappear
as they were having fun

It really was frustrating
as he could see them forming there
But the words stayed just outside his reach
as they had no cause to care

The candle burned down to its wick
and though he’s tried his best
The poet couldn’t catch those words
and finally had to rest

But then, as darkness ruled again
a little magic came
For the words the poet had seen there
behaved themselves again

And later as the poet stirred
from slumber there he found
the very words he’d never caught
so he quickly wrote them down


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