Tri-tanka X – tall

3 of 7 for Tri-Tanka week

Majestic it stands
steadfast through the many years
Stoic and resigned
yet with aire of regal poise
absent of all arrogance

Resolute through change
Bereft of foliage it stands
through the winter months
sometimes bound to howling gale
or to frigid iron ice

Commanding an awe
insignificant I stand
and look up and up
to the majestic tall one
ever here and ever near


Picture – ‘Hayase’ by Yoshida Hiroshi (1933)


Artichokes on the riverbank
Resplendent, growing tall
With majestic purple crowns
behind the floodplain wall

Their beauty caught me by surprise
and I just had to pause a while
So wonderful their stature
I could not resist a smile

I posted several pictures
on my social media sites
And someone said they’d eaten theirs
in several welcome bites

But I prefer to look at them
and behold their beauty there
Captured in these few short words
which I’m very pleased to share


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