The Wedding Tree

In a glade of bright green
the Wedding tree stood
Posing for pictures
as only it could
We found it perchance
just wandering by
amongst all the beeches
and conifers high

The Summer the groom
to Autumn the bride
The Wedding tree waited
in beauty and pride
And as Autumn took hold
turning trees in its sight
it gave pause to the golden
for one dressed in white



36 words

You’re my soulmate, my wisdom
my solace, my calm
You’re the morning to my every day

Mere words cannot capture
the depth of a love
that has grown in every way

I love you. Be mine?



Pretty head smile, there when I wake
There in the sunshine and rain
Waves from the hilltops, waves from the sea
Hastens me homeward again

Pretty head smile, my refuge, my calm
Many facets to my life she brings
There when I’m happy, there when I’m sad
Like music her sweet voice it sings

Pretty head smile, my solace, my gain
For a man who has little to give
A love offered freely, seeking nought in return
My freedom, my reason to live

Pretty head smile, never failing to be
There whenever I turn
To encourage and hearten, inspire and uplift
More than I ever deserve

Pretty head smile, there just for me
Without you I am nothing at all
You make me complete in every which way
There to catch me whenever I fall

Pretty head smile, my lover and some
My treasure, the love of my life
My perfect companion, my soulmate and more
My very best friend and my wife.


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