I watched a seagull flying high
from an ebbing winter tide
in the sunshine, high above
his wings spread out and splayed with pride

And I’m pleased I had my camera
for that most exquisite sight
A fleeting moment captured
of that gull in perfect flight



Riding with seagulls

I’m riding with seagulls
down here on the beach
as they fly alongside me
just out of reach
It’s like swimming with dolphins
just as wonderful and
the only change is that
I’m still on the land

I’m riding into the wind
and I’m laughing as they
swoop all around me
on this fine August day
It’s a marvellous feeling
and one you should try
Just cycling along with
the gulls as they fly


Cycling to work yesterday morning, I passed a stretch of open beach. As I did so, several seagulls took to the wing and flew alongside me into the wind and mere feet above the shingle. They stayed for a hundred metres or so and then flew out to sea; just enough time to laugh aloud and revel in a very special moment. I wish I’d had a head-cam to capture it, but the memory will stay, as will these words.


Honouring the promise
as sunshine mixed with rain
I saw a massive rainbow
in the sky above again
It stretched across the heavens
a thing of pure delight
Its seven colours brightening
A truly glorious sight


Day 18 of the ‘Blogging from A-Z challenge

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