A kindness

It's not being selfish as sometimes you need
a kindness extended to self
a pampering here
for a top up of cheer
all to keep you in perfect health

And it's not just your body but your mind of course too
that needs looking after each day
mental health care
to keep you aware
and help you along on your way

So a day given over to yourself is well spent
for a kindness once in a while
to bring peace of mind
and help you unwind
all topped up with a good healthy smile


Photo – Jempics

Ocean Mind

With ocean in mind
this week I have written
a trilogy of poems
with which I am smitten

Sometimes I find words
and set them quite free
Whereas others will stay
and become part of me

That’s happened this week
Soul, heart and now mind
Three different aspects
But three of a kind

My favourite subject
It never tires
It’s always just there and
It always inspires

The sea and the ocean
A poet’s delight
For the words it inspires
Which are always just right


The ‘Ocean Trilogy’ – Ocean Soul, Ocean Heart and, as above, Ocean Mind

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