Writing 101: day 9 – The Joke



It’d been another long week, I was tired and fed up

Of going to work and coming home in the dark

So enough was enough, I took a half day

Perfect weather for a walk in the park


Strangely enough I was thinking the same

And, still smirking a bit at the joke

I said I would meet him at the end of the road

It would be good, I thought, for the bloke


Hand in hand as we wandered the leafy green

She said she’d heard a great joke earlier on

Said I could do with some cheering up

Asked her to tell it as we ambled along


He smiled at first and then chuckled a bit

And soon he was laughing out loud

And I smiled along with him despite all the looks

We were getting from a gathering crowd

Old woman

I could hear laughter from somewhere

Getting closer, I thought, as I purled and knitted away

Must finish this jumper for little Tom

A gift for his special birthday


I don’t know what it was that tickled me so

But I had the giggles so much that it hurt

And catching it seemed because even though

It was she who had told me, she smirked


We were approaching an old lady on a bench on the path

Who was knitting something right there

But when he glanced up in his mirth and saw what it was

His giggles turned to tears of despair

Old woman

I could see the man laughing, he seemed happy, I thought

But as the couple approached all that changed

For his laughs turned to tears as he glanced at me

“My goodness” I thought, “He’s deranged”


It was the little red jumper that was the final straw

That’s when the tears of mirth came

This really had been the most perfect release

We must do this and come here again.


©Jemverse (12 June 2014)


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