To the Rock of Gibraltar
on Monday we came
The English weather
living up to its name

But the warmth in the air
although it was grey
gave promise of what
it would be like today

And it steadily climbed
to thirty or more
as the sunshine broke through
whilst we were ashore

We took a ride up
where the Barbary apes
were monkeying about
and up to their japes

And despite the grey weather
the view from the top
was just as spectacular
as you’d expect of the Rock

Then down to the town
where Nelson was brought
after Trafalgar
when a bullet he caught

Before back to the ship
to sit in the sun
and be pampered now that
our holiday’s begun


Photo – a Barbary ape on the Rock of Gibraltar – Jempics
[‘Gibraltar’ is 3 of 14 in the Jemverse ‘Iberian Treasures’ series]

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  3. Gibraltar (31/8/16)
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  8. Vigo (5/9/16)
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  11. Terracotta Rooftiles (8/9/16)
  12. Lisbon 36 (9/9/16)
  13. Seville (10/9/16)
  14. Malaga II (11/9/16)


There’s a tree outside my window
But I’m not sure if it’s real
For it ‘grows’ inside the building
Which is a little bit surreal

It looks a little tropical
But I’ve seen no monkeys there
And no coconuts are growing
At least, none that I’m aware

I hope it’s not a plastic one
As it’s a lovely thing to see
Standing out there tall and proud
As all good trees should be


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