Sometimes the sea

Sometimes it whispers
and sometimes it growls
Sometimes it rumbles
and sometimes it howls
Sometimes it’s calm
and as quiet as a lamb
And sometimes it’s angry,
throws its toys from the pram

But the sea is a constant
though fickle of mind
and is always there waiting
sometimes cruel, mostly kind
And I don’t think I’d like it
any other which way
As I see it there changing
pretty well every day


Music knows best

The power of music
to lift and release
be it with excitement
or calming and peace
Exuding a something
you can’t quite explain
it does over and over
again and again

No matter your mood
it grabs you and moves
picking you up
it relaxes and soothes
Sometimes you will dance
and at other times rest
But you can always be sure
that music knows best


Steel Grey

Mirrored under morning sky
Steel grey silent waters lie
Cold and motionless are they
Heralding a winter’s day

Reflected under morning sky
Blue and fragrant waters lie
Cool and freshening are they
Heralding a springtime day

Basking under morning sky
Undulating waters lie
Warm and welcoming are they
Heralding a summer’s day

Storm-filled under morning sky
Swiftly moving waters lie
Windswept and exciting they
Heralding an autumn day


Just a few words

Just a few words is all it takes
To change the way I feel
Escapism? Maybe sometimes
But they have the power to heal

In just a few words each morning
I will find a way to say
Something new to bring good cheer
And brighten up my day


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