New Music again

No.5 of 6 in ‘The Music’ series from Jemverse

The quietness of the woodland brook
is always worth a second look

For with its trickle so it sings
and with it a new music brings


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New Music‘ was first published via #Jemverse on Instagram in May 2018, and here on Jemverse on 16 June 2018


Life music again

No.4 of 6 in “The Music” series from Jemverse

Quite often then
my eyes will dance
‘tho my feet
are slower there
For there is music
all around
in life most


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Life Music” was originally posted to Jemverse on 19 June 2018

Music again

3 of 6 in “The Music” series from Jemverse

It lifts and refreshes
It adds spring to steps
It soothes and it mellows
The louder it gets

It hits you sometimes but
Never hurts when it does
It brings smiles and enjoyment
And does this because

It is comfort and solace
It is all that and more
It is rejuvenation
It is music – encore!


If music be the food of love, play on,
Give me excess of it; that surfeiting…

William Shakespeare (Twelth Night, Act I, scene I)

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Music‘ was originally posted to Jemverse on 6 February 2015

Music days again

2 of 6 in ‘The Music’ series from Jemverse

On days when it’s raining
my music will play
From the time I awaken
’til the end of the day
It’s an escape I enjoy
and will often return
topping up with the downloads
and the CDs I burn
It’s a remedy to cure
‘most any malaise
So sometimes all of us
need our music days


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Music Days’ was originally posted to Jemverse on 22 September 2016

The Music again

1 of 6 in ‘The music series’ from Jemverse

Back lit through the dry-ice swirl
the player comes to fore
his nimble fingers on the frets
the crowd cries out for more

The singer steps up to the mic
narration in the song
the scene is set, the story told
the crowd sings loud along

The rhythm pounds, the bass is felt
the lights pulsate and shine
the ambience is magical
the crowd claps there in time

The music as it should be heard
and lived and felt and seen
our heroes up there on the stage
the crowd lives every dream


Photo – Jempics

The Music was originally posted to Jemverse on 19 January 2016

For Otis

As Otis and Steve Cropper
wrote so eloquently they
Of sea when they were sitting
on the dock of that fine bay
So whimsically I
here in Sussex by the sea
Hum that tune quite often
when I’m sitting peacefully

For it captures every essence
of this place I love the best
This bay in Southern England
where I often come for rest
So I’d like to think that Otis
still sings his song today
from the peace he has in heaven
to those still by the bay


Photo – Jempics

Inspired by ‘(Sittin’ on) the dock of the bay’ by Otis Redding & Steve Cropper (1967)


Music as comforter
enters my soul
Enlightens my mind
keeping me whole


Photo and design #Jemverse on Instagram

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