For five and forty years
It stood there proud and tall
It’s leafy branches spreading wide
and sheltering us all
First thing we saw each morning
when throwing curtains wide
There across the way from us
The big tree just outside

Birds built their nests within its crown
and came back every year
And scampering along its branches
the squirrels brought us cheer
Even when in summertime
the bees filled us with alarm
They swarmed and buzzed about a bit
but never did us harm

But when springtime came around this year
few leaves upon it grew
And when the yellow signs went up
I think we sort of knew
Disease had settled deep inside
and it had become unwell
So yesterday a truck arrived
with men equipped to fell

Now all that’s left is sawdust
and a stump where once it stood
Our tree is sadly there no more
as it has gone for good
We shed a tear when it came down
a sad passing for our street
But that is not where this all ends
And the story’s incomplete

For we’re promised that come wintertime
a new sapling will appear
To take its place and grow up tall
and once again bring cheer
Meantime we have photographs
to bring pleasure and remember
As we look forward to new planting
Which will happen in December



As sunbeams filter through the trees
And the river is as glass
The fragility of winter fades
As springtime comes to pass

It is late February, soon be March
And today is made of blue
No cloud in sight to blemish
This renewal of the truth

A little rain came later on
But the warming of the sun
Combined with new growth greenery
Tells me springtime has begun


Summer’s child II

The winter’s shadow now has passed
And Summer’s child is here
To warm our bodies and our hearts
And fill our eyes with cheer

Summer’s child is pure and free
Her breath is fresh and new
Her hands give life to grass and tree
Beginning summer true

Summer’s child comes once a year
To give the fields their youth
She follows winter’s furious fear
Dispels its lies with truth

Summer’s child will not stay long
Her life has one short fling
For as seasons through the years have sung
Summer’s child is Spring.


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