The most magical

I am the first thought
flowing to paper as the
poet sees the yellow
of a morning sky outside

I am the first breath
as a night of slumber ends
and rejuvenation leaps
to inspiration for the new

I am the 'je ne sais quoi'
a spark of something not quite there
hovering on the brink of
the most magical


Photo – Jempics


Start VII

7 of 12 in the ’12 months VI’ series

Today it is the sixtieth 
that we have seen so far
in twenty twenty-three
now March is here on par
Equal that is to Springtime
in meteorological term
the first day that it happens
you will be pleased to learn
For we are done with winter
warmth is now what we all need
to brush away the cobwebs
and bring new life with speed


Photo – Jempics


7 of 12 in the Jemverse series ’12 months V’

First of March and in mind's eye
spring begins with early sigh
as green shoots winter's chill decry
and yellow makes a stand

First of March the grass grows long
and blackbirds burst to morning song
as buds burst forth in happy throng
and yellow shows its hand

First of March the sun shines high
reaching up into the sky
replacing truth from winter's lie
and yellow comes as planned


Photo – Jempics


Reminiscing at conclusion
of this year that has now been
I think back over all that we
have done and all we’ve seen
As it started fairly normally
at the beginning of the year
when none had any reason
to think we’d shed a tear

But just a few weeks later
all the pubs and shops were closed
with people social distanced
diametrically opposed
the world ran out of toilet rolls
and pasta which was strange
as to a locked-in world
our lives we re-arranged

The gigs we’d booked and paid for
slowly changed their dates
and some cancelled altogether
which made us quite irate
But the world outside our window
as the summer it arrived
held promise of a better place
if the virus we survived

So when Pfizer found the vaccine
the whisper turned to shout
and we realised the gifting
this gave to quell the doubt
And as the year concludes now
though in lockdown we remain
there’s hope on the horizon
for a trust to all regain

Twenty twenty all considered
is a year we’d soon forget
but as it draws to a conclusion
none of us have cause to fret
As twenty twenty-one now looms
and we can see the sun
rising on a better day
that has now just begun


Photo – Jempics

White Rose

Delicate white
fold on fold
what mysteries
do your petals hold?

Full of promise
your silken heart
speaks of promise
and fresh start

Beautiful rose
your call to me
speaks softly of
your majesty


Battersea Skyline

Battersea’s being eaten
But it will arise again
Scaffolding surrounds it now
As viewed here from the train

London’s famous landmark
Changing into something new
It’s famous four tall chimneys
rebuilt to keep the view

The originals are too brittle
To stand the test of time
So they’re being eaten and rebuilt afresh
For the London high skyline

A sign says ‘Spot the Difference’
It would be nice if that was so
For those chimneys have been landmarks
From a long, long time ago


Inside the Grade II listing building shell of the old Battersea power station in London, a new high-rise housing development is being built. Problem is that as the concrete in the chimneys is too brittle, each is being ‘munched’ using a special demolition tool and then immediately rebuilt with stronger stuff. The sign says ‘Spot the Difference’ for a reason – as apparently you won’t be able to. 2016 will tell though as by then, all four will have been replaced.

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