Being Nice

It’s always so much nicer
being nice throughout a day
Instead of being horrid
(That’s what I think anyway)

It’s always rather better
to wear a smile upon your face
Instead of being grumpy
and just moping ’round the place

And to say a cheery word
like ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Hello’
is really rather better
than a sullen frown you know

And as it eats away inside
when you are spiteful or unkind
It’s almost a no brainer
to instead bring peace of mind

So this is why my poems
always find bright things to say
As it’s just a little method
to help me brighten up your day



Under the weather

On days when I am feeling
a bit under the weather
I try to think of nicer things
to keep myself together
So instead of dwelling on the rain
and the cold this time of year
My thoughts turn to the summer
and long days of warmth and cheer


Catching Happy


The effort of wearing a frown, I am told
Is harder than wearing a smile
And what a change one can bring to the world all at once
With a happy face once in a while

There’s a saying that goes, if I remember it right
“Catch someone doing some good”
So easy to chide, to point out the faults
Than to be nice every day, as we should

So keep watching out there as this week continues
A smile could be coming your way
Happy might catch you when you least expect
But it’s sure to help brighten your day


Photo of Henry the happy pig by Jempics

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