3 of 12 in the Jemverse ’12 months V’ series

I can't quite believe November is here
the year has sped by so fast
the Spring and the Summer merged into one
with a warmth we all hope will last
Not going to happen for much longer I fear
as Winter waits in the wings
and Jack Frost's remembered his repertoire
with the cold stuff all of that brings
But for now with green just starting to turn
and the sun still strong in the sky
I'll cling to the vestige of summer still here
and not wish the Autumn rush by


Photo – Jempics

[The ’12 months V’ series is the fifth Jemverse annual collection of those written for the first day of every month throughout each year].

In Sussex

Rainshadow on November sea
braced against the weather we
into strong sou’ westerly
In Sussex where we live

Sunbeams struggle in the grey
on this brisk November day
as we venture out to play
in Sussex where we live

This coastal strip our comfort here
always bringing plenty cheer
no matter what the time of year
In Sussex where we live


Photo – Jempics

The November cast

The November cast belittles
with sunshine seldom seen
so when it makes appearance
I’m the best I’ve ever been
For I have never been a fan
of rain or winter cold
It brings a sag of shoulders
with a promise seldom sold

This child of summer hibernates
when sunshine hides its face
but wakens with a burst of joy
on days it shines with grace
So fortune smiles as memory
recalls those summer days
with those long hours of sunshine
to detract from this malaise


Photo – Jempics

Tri-haiku XXIX (Fireworks)

Bright against the sky
Bangs and sparkles, cries of joy
Fireworks in the night

Muted though this year
as no supermarkets sell
them to public now

Yet still we find ways
to recall Gunpowder Plot
for our child-like joy


Photo – Jempics

November reflections

Clouds in the field
and up in the sky
caught my eye there
as I wandered by
Some in the green
and others in blue
reflecting each other
the fall to eschew

For this was November
though you’d never know
with the warmth of the sun
on the ground here below
So I gave them a nod
with thanks for this time
those two fields of clouds
in weather so fine


Photo – Jempics

Beginning III

3 of 12 in the Jemverse ’12 months IV’ series

Two more months of ‘twenty’
and what a year it’s been
one that took us by surprise
the strangest one we’ve seen
Yes, I know it’s not yet over
and I’m not wishing time away
but now it is November
thought I ought to have my say
We have been through thick and thin
and though summer was sublime
the arrival of the virus
has brought a darker time

Now the winter is upon us
but insidious it stays
no antidote we yet have found
to combat this malaise
And yet this world has genius
so I’m absolutely sure
that it will not be very long
before we have a cure
That said though, this pandemic
has changed things for the good
so when it’s finally over
I hope that’s understood

And we do not return to
the world which we once had
one completely selfish
and bordering on the bad
But one which looks to kindness
and the better things which will
with just a little thought
an equanimity instil
So with first of November
as the last two months remain
let’s all rise to that challenge
and to that hope lay claim


Photo – Jempics

Winter III

And now the iron chill
shouts loud with brutality
as if we didn’t know it
with absolute totality
Winter’s here, no doubt of that
November takes firm hold
with battle grey the colour
reminiscent of this cold
We wrap up warm in winter coats
for what is waiting there
Resigned against the onslaught
we face the brittle air


Photo – Jempics

First III (tanka)

3 of 12 in the Jemverse ’12 months III’ series

And so November
Colder days have taken hold
as wrapped up people shiver
into winter
With the swansong of Autumn
for the year-end’s curtain call


Photo – Jempics

Tri-Haiku VI (Autumn)

Gold from the sunset
falls as such with autumn leaves
settling to the sea

A sea of crunching
Yellow, reds and gold are here
there beneath my feet

And just like the beach
this November paradise
Autumn comes again


Tri-Haiku III (Windy)

Blustering it blows
Yet autumn’s chill is present
Windy November

In between the grey
white clouds blown across the sky
Sunshine shows its face

Stormy yet still warm
Threatened rain in cloudy skies
Autumn windiness


Taken from three haikus originally published on #Jemverse on Instagram  on 23-25/9/18

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