It’s not raining in Lewes
which is refreshingly nice
As we have lunch by the river
with coffee and pies

There’s a warmth in the air
but we still wear cagoules
as there’s threat in the sky
by the calm river Ouse

For the present, the sunshine
tries to come out
as we browse the antique shops
and wander about

We’ve all the time that we need
so it’s lovely to look
Although we did buy a postcard
and a lovely old book

By and by, when we fancy
we’ll head off to the car
But we’ll come back to Lewes
as it’s not very far



Ouse (Lewes)

Meandering down through ancient town

A trickle now, a stream

Belying far more turbulent times

In its history it has seen

Sunshine on the water paints

A quiet picture now

Yet not many years past, the floods rose up

To Prison Hill’s high brow

No mark left now of that tragic time

A memory left alone

As Lewes sees more tranquil days

In its peaceful Sussex home


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