Ivory Towers

We've had to cancel Obi's field
as we cannot now drive there
the car is down to mere fumes
and there's no fuel anywhere
And because of the congestion
caused by massive traffic lines
queueing up at petrol stations
in these trying times
public transport's suffering
so we can't use that either
So we've cancelled Obi's field
and this week will take a breather

The irony here of course is that
there's plenty fuel out there
we've just run out of drivers
for supplies most everywhere
so because of a decision made
in corridors of power
the people once again lose out 
to those in ivory towers
Having said that I expect we'll find
in just a day or two 
the panic will be over
when new supplies get through


Photo – Obi in his field (which we can’t get to this weekend) – Jempics


Shaped though many hours
by the touch of sea and sand
this wonderful breakwater
now moulded by their hand
encapsulates the aura
that this seascape holds for me
from a life spent here in Sussex
on the beach and near the sea

This sculpted inspiration
with a charm there of its own
has long held fascination
from the years here I have known
and though these precious heirlooms
are now fading over time
I will capture them for memory
where they stay uniquely mine


Photo – Jempics

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