Beach Huts

Stretching to infinity
Beach huts on Beach Green
Painted many colours
Brightest you’ll have seen

Here on the coast in Sussex
a haven on the beach
A little bit of paradise
there in easy reach

And don’t they just look gorgeous
Their colours bright on show
Quintessentially English
all there in a row



White horses in paradise

I sat down at my beach hut
with white horses at low tide
The kites were out there surfing
in the blue sea vast and wide
And the breeze though fairly brisk
was blowing from the south
bringing a fresh saltiness
I could taste within my mouth

The waves were making constant sound
as they lapped upon the shore
And I sat and smiled and thought that I
could not wish nor hope for more
This is a haven paradise
wonderful at any time
But especially on days like this
when the weather is so fine


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