Prolific? Me? I hardly think
and yet I guess that’s true
as writing poems every day
is something that I do
A little snapshot of my life
Something every day
as there’s so much of it to see
and so much here to say
So I’ll just keep on writing
as I can’t stop you see
for it’s a special passion
and completely part of me


Photo – me, writing – Bezann Photography

The Soothing Sea

I have lost count the number
of poems I have written
about the sea in Sussex
as really, I am smitten
So, if I only wrote of water
would you think less of me?
for really, if the truth be told
it’s best beside the sea

I can sit here hour on hour
beside the soothing waves
and gaze out at its fathoms
on sultry summer days
For me it’s inspiration
of it I’ll never tire
It prompts my words and writing
and builds in me a fire

Sometimes the sunshine glistens
like diamonds out there
so it would be quite selfish
these moments not to share
This preciousness, this richness
makes me a wealthy man
so I’ll gladly share some with you
(At least, that is the plan)

Its wide expanse, its changing form
its moving tides and more
all taken in and captured
from hours down on the shore
So I’ll just keep on writing
of my passion and then share
Something of the sea with you
as nothing can compare.


Photo – South Lancing Beach, West Sussex – Jempics

Mother Nature (7) – Passion


Celebrating nature over
seven vibrant days
Her hand of wonder covered
in seven different ways

And what better way to finish
than upon a note of passion
Passiflora with its Latin name
for horticultural fashion

But to my mind its a dancer
to the music nature plays
which with every sense of wonder
serves to brighten up my days


From 3 through 10 December, Jemverse has seven poems to celebrate Mother Nature’s hand – a different wonder every day. 

Flower – haiku

Flowering passion
Flowers satisfy passion
Passion in flowers


2 of 7 in the Jemverse ‘Three Lines’ event – 7 haikus for 7 days

A passionate discovery

In life I have two passions
which, I’m pleased to say
I’m blessed, as I can oft indulge
in each ‘most every day
One (you’ve guessed) is writing
as these words attest right here
Something that I love to do
and in my life hold dear

The other one is music
Most genres satisfy
And there’s always something playing
as each day passes by
I’m always after bargains
in record shops around
As there’s joy in a discovery
of something new I’ve found


For example, just the other day
when adding to the mix
I bought a forty year old album
pressed back in seventy-six
And there inside the sleeve I found
a provenance most apt
A ticket from the year itself
to see the very act

It really is most wonderful
finding things like this
A kindle to the passion
and addition to the bliss
So as I listen to the music
I will capture words to say
Something of the pleasure
I have experienced today



Music my passion

Spent a day listening to music
Tunes from across many years
Some which brought a smile to my face
And others which brought a few tears

There were spine tingling moments in there
And times when I jumped to my feet
To dance a while round the living room
When impossible to stay in my seat

Some albums were quiet and others were loud
And all have a place in my heart
My only problem – and always the same…
is just where my listening will start

For there are records there from before I was born
Many more from the halcyon days
And some from much more recent times
with meanings in their own unique ways

Music for me is a passion
and as long as I have ears to hear
I will listen and dance and love and enjoy
with a pleasure that always brings cheer



Passion as a dancer
taking centre stage
Caught in a moment
at ocean’s sweet plage

In beauty your splendour
unparalleled here
Your late summer swan song
Bringing me cheer



Vibrant colour in my garden
with Nasturtiums in full bloom
Deep reds and glowing yellows
vie with oranges for room

But there’s contest in a colour
it cannot replicate
The passion of the mallow pink
will always satiate

I’m spoilt for choice as always
So I’ll settle for all three
Just seeing all this every day
is good enough for me


Garden Barber

Our garden’s had a haircut
A tidying up and trim
‘Cos the overgrowth was getting
Out of hand and pretty grim

Now a passion flower curtain hangs
From Mock Orange in the light
Revealing studio window there
Which before was out of sight

Things are changing out there now
And we’re seeing things anew
Same garden, different outlook
More sunlight, better view



Little dancer, centre stage

Posing for a bow

Her passion as a flower

The applauds are louder now

She is beautiful, her moves sublime

She is everything and more

Confirmed by enamoured audience

As they cry “Encore! Encore!”


The inspiration for this verse came from ‘The Raven Laughs‘. 

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