Fifty miles

From Hampshire through to Sussex
I have walked o’er vale and hill
with a full pack on my back
yet my legs are working still!

I have walked through fields of yellow
and met lot of people on the way
pausing for a moment as
we all had lots to say

Tales of where we’re going
where we’ve stayed and been
Sharing precious moments
of the wonders we have seen

For this undulating countryside
is a feast for any eye
From the shady wooded valleys
to the lofty hills on high

From Hampshire through to Sussex
taking pictures on the way
to capture every moment
of each fantastic day

And now the task before me
as each memory brings a smile
is to bring to life those moments
in my poems for a while

So I hope that you’ll stay with me
as I have so much to share
And in these next few days with me
get a feel for being there


For more coverage of our South Downs Way walk, check out ‘Old Winchester Hill‘, ‘Big Sky‘, ‘Houses for Eeyore‘, ‘Into Sussex’ and ‘The yellow road


Outside Kings Cross station
In London North West One
there’s an interactive poetry wall
that’s intuitive and fun
Encouraging interaction from
a transient populous
It’s a wonderful invention
which I think is marvellous

Passers-by speak a few words
in red microphones place there
For each to then be randomised
in poems they can share
I added a few words of course
and then waited there to see
them digitised up on the wall
right there in front of me


The ‘Poetrics’ interactive art installation by Google has been placed around the development site of Google’s new Kings Cross offices. Made up of 17 LED panels that display the words left by passers-by, the wall uses Google’s voice search technology and GoogleSpeak to figure out what the public have offered and then displays it as a freshly created random poem for all to see.


Brighton saw a rainbow
but there wasn’t any rain
Throngs lined all the city streets
And Pride shone bright again

A myriad colours dancing for
the many people there
with a hundred thousand rainbows
we were very proud to share



A very English conversation

“It’s a cooler day, don’t you agree?”
“Yes, but yesterday
was great for me as I prefer
the heat, I have to say”
“You’re right of course, but then again
some rain would do us good”
“Depends upon your point of view”
I said, misunderstood.

“Don’t get me wrong, some rain is good
My garden certainly needs some
But the sunshine and the warmth of late
is overdue and welcome”
“Yes, I agree, it has been nice
but the heat here has me riled”
So I nodded understanding
took my coffee, left and smiled

A very English conversation
talking about the weather
passing time politely
as we spend time together


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