Summer rain

Born of a morning
with an overcast sky
a warmth to the air
and a smile to the eye

A freshness of loam
though damp underfoot
a heady perfume
to usefulness put

These days of a summer
so good for the soul
giving food to the earth
and keeping me whole

No sadness is here
no melancholy
for this is all part
of the summer of me


Lavender gathering

Gathering in the lavender
with little purple flowers
Heady fragrance everywhere
and all this perfume ours

A rich abundance fills the air
Breathe in, breathe in again
In the knowledge and the surety
that long will this remain


First Lavender

First lavender cropped and in a box
on the kitchen table
Sweet and heady perfume aired
as only it is able
My lavender harvest looking good
A bumper crop this year
Exuding fragrance all around
and filling all with cheer


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