Red Admiral

There for a fleeting moment
Red Admiral on the wall
Grabbed my camera quickly
‘Good call’, I hear, ‘Good call’

Snapped a hasty picture
Focus – a bit skewed
But caught the special moment
Before off away he flew


Photo – Jempics


Last Sunrise


If I didn’t know better (and maybe I don’t)
it was almost as if the sun
had something of a point to prove
with another day begun

For again to the east in a grand golden glow
it rose up and grabbed little me
My senses there in overload
rather spectacularly

This is bordering frankly on overkill
but then who am I to mind?
For I’d be hard pressed a better sight
anywhere else to find


Photo – January 2017 sunrise, Southend, Essex, UK – Jempics

See also ‘Last Sunset‘ from Jemverse

With eyes to see


Every so often
now and then
I’ll take a walk
with book and pen
and use my eyes
to look around
when walking in
and round this town

Sometimes I’ll notice
something new
perhaps seen from
a different view
And I will note it
in my book
And maybe take
a second look

These little moments
I then will share
so others round me
are aware
For I don’t want
to selfish be
with all these things
out there to see

And when I’ve shared
as I’ve been blessed
it’s only then
that I can rest
My paper filled
my pen at bay
Until, that is,
another day


Photo  – Jempics. Entrance lights from the first ‘Norfolk Bridge’, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, UK. The original suspension bridge, built in 1833, was replaced by a bow-string girder bridge in 1923 and again by the present concrete box girder bridge in 1986. These lights and two of the original buttresses are all that remain of the original bridge.

Fog on the Ring – tanka


Fog thick as pea soup
shrouds the Sussex countryside
Trees hide like shadows
Quiet whispers, coy and shy
as again I climb the Ring


Photo – Chanctonbury Ring, Sussex – Jempics

A treasure


Winter greyness
Seldom sun
Brittle chill
for everyone
Daylight precious
shorter now
Nighttime lingers
on somehow
Yet still to find
and bring some cheer
Despite the chill
a beauty here
As winter hides
but brings to fore
a treasure kept
for us in store


Photo – freezing fog – Jempics

Winter’s Veil – Haiku


Behind winter’s veil
I felt the warmth of the sun
for a brief moment


5 of 7 in the Jemverse ‘Three Lines’ event; 7 haikus for 7 days

Life is a wayside flower


Saw a little wayside flower
growing right there in the street
Finding just enough moisture
to prosper down there at my feet
It seemed like a really fine testament
to all that life truly means
For there’s always beauty to be found
Where and whenever it seems
So here’s to wayside flowers
as the metaphor is clear
For every time you need a smile
some beauty will be near


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