Life is a wayside flower


Saw a little wayside flower
growing right there in the street
Finding just enough moisture
to prosper down there at my feet
It seemed like a really fine testament
to all that life truly means
For there’s always beauty to be found
Where and whenever it seems
So here’s to wayside flowers
as the metaphor is clear
For every time you need a smile
some beauty will be near



Catching summer


In bright sunshine
behind a wall
I took a snap
and captured all
Summer caught
in picture frame
The glare, the warmth
the sweet refrain
An echo on
a silent breeze
The soft sunshine
on naked knees
And whispering
the meadow grass
waits for the dawning
cool to pass
As here stand I
admiring this
midsummer smiles
with perfect bliss
I feel the sun
and see the blue
from all the summers
that I knew
This perfect time
this purity
here foe me


Bringing colour


Pushing up with vigour
bright in winter beds
Cyclamen bring colour
raising pretty heads
And I’ll never have the words
to exemplify this spread
So here’s a picture of them
which I bring to you instead


Bellis Perennis


The Bellis Perennis
is a bit of a menace
and is quite fond of tennis
as it looks like a ball

But based on this premise
a Venetian called Dennis
came over from Venice
and said ‘Not at all’

For the Bellis Perennis
in its ‘in extremis’
is without a blemish
and quite beautiful


Ruby Red


Last summer I found rubies
They’d been kissed by the sun
They were so beautiful
and second to none
Growing there in abundance
in a meadowland field
A patch of pure treasure
from the sun’s warming yield

I laughed loud when I found them
as the pleasure was rare
Finding richness of beauty
just growing wild there
So I’m hoping this year
they’ll be back there once more
For more riches to find
and admire and adore



Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 10.12.37

The dandelion may be a weed
but it’s a very lovely one
With fronds all bright and yellow
reflecting summer sun
So I’m glad I’m not a gardener
for I’d encourage them to grow
Because I am quite fond of yellow
as those who read my poems know
Yes, I admire the dandelion
as to the future with a sign
It reseeds itself from yellow
With a flower that tells the time


The class of ’81


We all got lost in Loughborough
couldn’t find our way around
But then it has been quite a while
since we all lived in this town
Nothing looked familiar
No landmarks did we see
It really was confusing
(How hard could all this be?)

But then we saw the college
Across a car-park, lurking there
and with instant recognition
we were suddenly aware
Recollection flooded back
with memories of when
as fledgling teenage freshers
we came to Loughborough then

The ceramics room looked just the same
though it’s thirty-five years since
we were last in these clay-splashed walls
(the mere thought made us wince)
We found our halls of residence
though the gardens were much smaller
With parking space provided now
where once the trees grew taller

Then later on we shared a beer
in a pub which we recall
Looked pretty much the same today
and hadn’t changed at all
Much like the class of eighty-one
Laughing all the way
Friends now for a lifetime
on this really special day


Photo – the class of ’81 peering through the windows of the Ceramics room at Loughborough College of Art, 35 years after they graduated there. We’re minus one these days as Sandra passed away a few years back. But we’ve all kept in touch and, as true friends do, pick up where we left off when we all meet up.  Full reunions like this are rare, but they are a complete joy whenever time allows them to happen.

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