The world outside my window

The world outside my window
changes by the day
Sometimes it’s bright and sunny
and other times there’s rain

South facing from the east
I can see the rising sun
and later on out to the west
the glow when it is done

I see cars and people passing
both ways to left and right
as high above the street down there
I have them in my sight

It’s like a microcosm
my window to the world
seeing life around me
as daily it’s unfurled

And that’s usually by a glance
as I write here by the day
which is just how it should be
instead of any other way


Photo – Bezza Croucher


In pictures

I’ve been looking through my pictures
as I do from time to time
at photos I have taken
in the sunshine when it’s fine
others taken in the rain
or when walking by the sea
or up there on the Sussex hills
all precious here to me

For in each I see a something
of a moment captured there
a snapshot caught for memory
to treasure and to share


Photo – Jempics

Pictures II

Do you have a picture
one close to your heart
Capturing a moment
from which you cannot part?
Perhaps it looks like mine
though I have many, truth be told
Ones I will keep with me
Until I’m very old

They capture special moments
and I feel them every one
Some started many years ago
and some have just begun
Yet all of them are precious
and completely part of me
Pictures bringing substance
to a treasured memory




We brought a David Hockney print
and hung it on the wall
An early Christmas present
to be admired by one and all
It’s from a London retrospective
at the Royal Academy
to which just under four years past
we went, my wife and me

Called ‘The Bigger Picture’
the exhibition was
all about the landscapes
from the Yorkshire Wolds because
they deserve such recognition
so wonderful are they
and to us an inspiration
on that very special day

Our print is aptly titled as
“The arrival of the Spring”
and feature forest down in Woodgate
under Mr Hockney’s wing
It reality it’s massive
(thirty-one feet wide)
But our print’s a little smaller
so we could fit it here inside

It’s a joy to have a picture
which brings pleasure by the day
A thing of special beauty
to keep the blues at bay
And to us this David Hockney
with its capture of the Spring
encapsulates the essence
joy and pleasure seek to bring



Sometimes I see a picture
that speaks a thousand words to me
But when capturing these in verse or rhyme
sometimes occasionally
A single word is all it needs
to keep me feeling mellow
A word that speaks of warmth to come
and is, quite simply, ‘yellow’.


Saving a picture

Boats on the horizon
on a shimmering sea
the sun above is shining
rather brilliantly

I am on the shoreline
wandering along
my feet deep in the shingle
my heart deep in a song

There is a seagull calling
on a whispering wave
as I find the words I need
this picture here to save


Winter’s smile

There’s a crystalline clarity out here today
in the trees there over the way
A ground frost has visited the fields overnight
And it’s more beautiful than I can say

So I’ll not waste my words and contented instead
Just quietly stand here awhile
Allow the wonder of winter to embellish again
with a picture in mind for a smile


My Gallery

Last night the moonlight painted
Translucent streaks across the sky
Such was the beauty of that sight
I felt moved enough to cry

And this morning sunlight painted
a splash of blue between the grey
Adding tiny flecks of yellow there
to emphasise the day

A gallery where every day
a painting hangs anew
Each one with myriad colours there
for my own private view


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