Tri-Haiku XI (winter blue)

I am winter blue
Born to December, I chill
to iron cold bone

I am winter blue
To brittle January
icy fingers spread

I am winter blue
But with yellow I will change
to the green of Spring


Photo – Jempics



Moody skies above the Thames
on early winter morn
I’d shiver in the brittle chill
save for the coat I’ve worn
But Tower Bridge beneath the blue
with massive skies right there
Is such to take my breath away
That I just had to share

You see, it’s simple, truth be told
when views like this I see
Words will follow, honed to verse
and then to poetry
For scenes like this, ‘poetic’
is the only thing to say
to encapsulate the moment
shared and captured by the day


Photo – Jempics

Glimpse of heaven

If I could capture just a little piece
of heaven in a verse
then, by the sunset here last night
I could not, I think, do worse
For, spilling out behind the hills
a golden waterfall of light
which flowed out across the water
to make a truly awesome sight

My words could not do justice
to Nature’s swan song on the rise
so I stood there, insignificant
with tears behind my eyes
The liquid gold on Nature’s canvas
with the ebb tide flowed away
and I caught a glimpse of heaven
at the end of this fine day


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