My Field

I have a field I go to
every Friday night
It’s mine to run around in
and there’s no-one else in sight
I’m also fairly certain
that no other dogs go there
I’ve certainly never seen one
and I don’t think they would dare

For this field it is my haven
and I love to run around
quite free in its three acres
on the chalky Sussex ground
And sometimes my two humans
will bring a little treat
which I will get get freely
by simply looking sweet

So I’m content to walk with them
when I have had a run
or have a sniff around the trees
it’s all part of the fun
My field it is a lovely place
and my humans they are great
for giving me the freedom
every Friday for a date


Photo – Me (Obi Wan Kinobi) in my field – Jempics

Half past three

When work is over for the day
and sun’s still shining bright
A part of me looks forward to
the beach, soon in my sight
The breeze that blows in from the sea
though warm will cool me down
Contentment overwhelms me
and joy replaces frown

Not that necessarily
that should always be the case
It’s just that this contentment
is quite special in this place
Sitting by my beach hut
I am at peace beside the sea
It’s something I look forward to
each day at half past three


Photo – Jempics

Pictures II

Do you have a picture
one close to your heart
Capturing a moment
from which you cannot part?
Perhaps it looks like mine
though I have many, truth be told
Ones I will keep with me
Until I’m very old

They capture special moments
and I feel them every one
Some started many years ago
and some have just begun
Yet all of them are precious
and completely part of me
Pictures bringing substance
to a treasured memory



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